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Amarillo By Morning {Try New Adventures}

Posted on: May 30, 2012

We went to Amarillo last Thursday to visit my Uncle. Would you be amazed if I told you, you can drive for 9 whole hours without ever leaving Texas? Well, you can. And we did.

We visited Cadillac Ranch, which is a few minutes outside of town. There are 10 Cadillacs buried in the sand. People can come out and spray paint them. Don’t knock it, it’s art. Or at least that’s what the multi-millonaire who owns them says.

I remember visiting Cadillac Ranch when I was the girls’ ages. It’s one of those memories that are blurry around the edges, but never quite goes away. I loved taking Julia there and talking her through what she thought of the place. It was a really fun mom moment for me.

We drove 30 minutes outside of town to visit Palo Duro, the second largest canyon in America. It’s beautiful. I’ve never seen the Grand Canyon, so have no comparison, but Palo Duro is West Texas at it’s finest.

I haven’t been to West Texas in over a decade. Yet, I was surprised at how being there felt so right. I woke up Friday morning, stepped outside to the wind blowing and a farm smell hanging in the air and I felt peace. It was a strange feeling, one I haven’t felt about anywhere other than Austin.

My cousin later said that it was because West Texas runs deep in my blood. We have a heritage here, that for good or bad, we can never escape. It’s true. I spent a lot of childhood summers playing in corn fields, hiding from the Texas sun and hearing stories of life on the plains when my ancestors where children. That’s something that becomes part of your DNA.

My extended family isn’t very close knit. I haven’t seen most of my cousins in ten years and see my grandparents only annually at best. My immediate extended family isn’t much better. It’s sad how easy it is to lose connections like that. To let family slip through your fingers.

My “baby” brother is spending the summer with us. {I say baby only in the fact that he is the youngest, but clearly, not the baby.} It’s been wonderful having John around. Lots of laughter and jokes. The girls are crazy for him, and who can deny the benefit of extra hands to help around the house.

It’s one step toward family reconnection.

We ended our trip with sips of strong coffee and laughing about our pasts. Apparently, our family has always been a rowdy bunch.

We drove through Lubbock to see some cousins. It gave the girls a chance to run off any remaining energy, and gave the adults a chance to build some reconnection.

Reconnection. That’s what our weekend was. And I’m hoping that this is our family’s first of many West Texas summers.

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6 Responses to "Amarillo By Morning {Try New Adventures}"

i can’t tell you how many times i’ve driven by those cadillacs and always wanted to stop but never did! (road trips from dallas to colorado with the hager clan – katie’s husband’s family.) a 9 hour drive from here would get us to maine, south carolina, ohio or canada. wow, 9 hours in one state – crazy. and yay for family fun!

Bummer you’ve never seen it. It’s completely random but super cool. And I had no idea you were related to Katie! Fun!

i’m not related, i met the hager family when they moved to philly for a few short years when jaime (chris’s older sister) and i were in 6th grade and i think chris was in 2nd grade. when they moved back to texas, we just kept in touch and i would go down to visit all the time. katie and i just clicked when we met. the hagers are my texas/seattle family 🙂

Looks like fun! Thanks for taking us on your road trip with you!!

Glad you had fun! And I totally agree…getting OUT of Texas takes forever. Once you are out, the time flies. This place is just too darn big!

9 hours and still be in Texas, huh? That’s crazy!

I’ve been to the Grand Canyon several times and it doesn’t compare. It makes me dizzy looking down because it’s hard to comprehend. Never been to Palo Verdo but it looks beautiful!

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