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ER Trips, Antibiotics and a Mama’s Love

Posted on: April 13, 2012

We had our second trip ever to the ER last night. This time it was for Julia.

After complaining for an entire day about a headache, Julia began vomiting and running a low grade fever. It was concerning, the headache part especially, but we decided to put her to bed early. When she woke up around 9 vomiting, we made the decision to take her to the ER.

{resting yesterday afternoon}

The ER doctor said that she has a bacterial infection and prescribed antibiotics. We weren’t given an real explanation as to why she’s had a headache, but thankfully as of this morning she said it doesn’t hurt.

Last night, after Jonathan and Julia left for the hospital I sent out a text to some friends to pray for her. My friend, Leah, sent me this text back ::

“No one ever told me how very hard it is to be a momma and love your kids.” Amen. As a mama, having your kids face any hardship – especially sickness – is way heartbreaking and scary. And it really is hard to walk through that with confidence that God is in control. But He is. Even when we don’t see it or understand it, He is.

I’m grateful that our two {and hopefully no more} ER trips have ended without true concern. I’m grateful for a daughter who doesn’t have any major health issues {nor do the other kids}. And I’m grateful for a God whose love is even deeper for Julia than my own.

My family is my Friday {and every other day} Joy.

4 Responses to "ER Trips, Antibiotics and a Mama’s Love"

Amen :)! Family is one of the most important things to me besides God. I’ve had a couple of ER visits so far and they are no fun!! Also, how blessed are you to have such a supportive friend — makes me aware of what kind of friend I need to be.

You guys have had so much medical drama lately! I’m glad she’s okay, and I’m praying that things will settle down.

Wow! I am so glad things are clearing up for you guys and so so thankful your trips to the ER haven’t resulted in worse concerns.

Glad everything is OK!! And Amen! God is always with us, during those challenges He is helping us through. Also, yes being a momma is hard because we don’t just feel compassion we live it! We enter into our kids suffering with them, holding their hands & never leaving them.

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