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Grammy Recap; Adele No Shock, But I’ve Never Seen this Mouse in My House

Posted on: February 12, 2012


{photo credit :: cassette couture}

Have you ever seen this Mickey Mouse? Turns out, it’s not Mickey, but a Canadian DJ and producer, stage named deadmau5 {pronounced “dead mouse”}.  Jonathan was flabbergasted that I’d never heard of deadmau5, cause apparently when it comes to electro/house music, deadmau5 is the mouse guy.

I always swore that I’d stay in the loop when it comes to pop culture. I’d fight against that mom cage of cultural ignorance. After watching the Grammy’s this evening, I can safely say that I failed to keep my promise. Looks like I have to turn in my “cool-mom-always-with-it pop-culture-guru” card.

8 Responses to "Grammy Recap; Adele No Shock, But I’ve Never Seen this Mouse in My House"

hahaha! I’m with you. I totally forgot the Grammy’s were tonight…until I read twitter and facebook of course. 🙂 I have never heard of that DJ either.

Who’s Adele? Cute name for a baby girl!

(Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. I’m firmly stuck in the “cage” you reference above… though news of Adele has indeed permeated my world. I’ve even heard that one song she sings…)

Happy Monday, friend! 🙂

Funny you should say that about the name… We talked about using Adele {or a version of Adele} as a girl’s middle name if Joseph had been a she in honor of Grandma {Odelia}.

I always thought I would stay in the know too. But alas, grad school and lack of time has left me lacking in the cool music department. Maybe part of it is that most good music is no longer played on the radio where I can easily find it. You have to search it out and go to shows and find the good stuff. Oh well. I had no idea about dead mouse guy either….

I remember being so flabbergasted at 14 when my mom would turn off the pop station I had just turned on. I vowed that I would be “that” mom that would keep bouncy, pop music on the radio. Alas, you learn and you grow — and you come to realize the influence songs have on kids and you choose to listen to songs with a good message and no swearing words ;). I’m itching to get the Adele CD …

Ha! I’ve never heard of Deadmou5, and I am surrounded by adolescents all day long. I also have a knack for not knowing anything about pop culture anyway…

At least it can’t get much worse when I have kids!

I am so glad that I read this post! One of my students wrote “deadmous5” on the board during homeroom today and I had no idea what it was. I thought it was the student’s twitter name… sigh, I am old.

Yea… that’s a big one to miss. I’ve actually got quite a bit of deadmous5 on my amazon drive.

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