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Contentment in All Things

Posted on: September 19, 2011

I might have mentioned a time or two that Texas is experiencing the hottest weather in recorded history. Perhaps, I haven’t mentioned that we are also going through the worst drought since the late 1800’s. The heat and drought have led to rampant fires throughout Central Texas. The town of Bastrop {30 miles east of Austin} caught ablaze Labor Day weekend, burning 40,000 acres and destroying 2,000+ homes. Sadly, the fire still hasn’t been fully contained.

Texas needs rain. Badly.

This last Saturday it rained. For 30 minutes, it poured. It was glorious. It was wonderful. It was refreshing. In her excitement, Julia asked me to dance with her in the rain. I gladly accepted. We danced, we puddle jumped, we laughed as we got soaked.

{The rain while driving}

During the rain, our family ran an errand to Target. As we were leaving {and it was still raining}, I overheard two young ladies complaining about the rain. Having to walk in it. Having to get wet on their way to the car. People standing around us, grumbled in agreement. The rain, so badly needed, was an inconvenience.

To say I was irritated, is an understatement. In a state faced with drought, why aren’t we rejoicing at the rain? Why aren’t we seeing it through the eyes of a three year old, whose only wish was to dance in the rain. My initial thought was how selfish these people were. How dissatisfied can they be? Bemoan the drought, then bemoan the rain.

And in my judgement, I realized :: I am always complaining.

Too hot.

Too cold.

Too dry.

Too wet.

My kids are too hyper.

My kids are too shy.

I don’t get enough alone time.

I don’t get enough time with others.

The list could go on. Contentment isn’t exactly my strong suit. Yet, I am called to be content in all things {Philippians 4:11}. Trusting that God is in control, that I have no need to worry.

I want to rejoice in all the moments in my life. Even the ones that seem to inconvenience me. I want to see life as purely as a 3 year old. I want to dance in the rain with my daughters.

6 Responses to "Contentment in All Things"

I’m from Colorado and we’ve had many years when we’ve experienced droughts (although not that bad!) and I’ve always encountered the same thing – people complaining about badly needed rain. In many cases, those same people were complaining about not being able to water their yards or other water restrictions. Sometimes I think this is due to our modern disconnect from nature. To most people, it’s annoying that we as humans can control almost everything but not the weather. But I like having some things out of my control still!

Agreed! I can certainly complain or be down far to much. My girls can be a great reminder of how I need to rejoice and look on the bright side!

You are so right! I often think of how dissatisfied we are with life. I want a job. No, I want to be self-employed. I want my children to sit quietly. No, I want them to live life with passion and enthusiasm. I want cooler temperatures. No, I want it to be warmer. I want…I want…I want…instead of Thank you Jesus for an abundance of blessings, for hearing my prayers, for guiding me through parenting and life, for showing me the many things I should be rejoicing over. I was just telling my husband the other day…”God must be getting so frustrated with us. He answers our prayers exactly the way we want, but we complain that it’s never good enough.” (sigh…) We’re expecting rain this afternoon. Maybe I should take my girls outside to dance in the rain too! 🙂


I don’t get complaining about the weather. God chooses the perfect weather each and every day! But I also complain about other things like noise, homemaking, sleepless nights, etc. All things come from God and I need to be content with all the wonderful things He gives me!

I LOVE this post!

Sarah, This was a really good post. Makes you stop and realize how important it is to be thankful!!

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