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Vacation Time, Pregnancy Lessons and Friday Joys

Posted on: August 19, 2011

Jonathan has off today. And all next week. {*happy dance*} While we have some fun things planned for our family, we are mostly using the time to relax and enjoy the first vacation we’ve had in much, much too long. Just having Jonathan home is a treat in of itself. Any other shenanigans our family windup in will be bonus.

Today marks 29 weeks of my pregnancy with Baby Boy. I’ve been really struggling lately with some self-esteem issues. You know, those same ones that make me think my body dictates my worth.ย ย While I still have several more weeks left before Baby Boy arrives, I’ve reached the number I wanted to finish on. When I weighed myself this week, I took it all in. What does that number mean? What does it really say about me? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. And while I really, really would like not to gain a near-fifty pounds with Baby Boy, like I did with both girls, if I do, I do. At the end of it all, will it matter? Most likely not. And for what it’s worth, my eating habits and exercising is far better this go round than the last two, which is the main focus. So, perhaps I’m just a pregnancy weight gainer. If that means I win the prize of a beautiful, healthy baby at the end, bring it.

Here are some fun belly shots we took this morning ::

I think the second picture gives a bit more justice to the baby belly. And when Baby Boy moves just right, I have the most predominant outie I’ve ever seen. It’s pretty awesome if you ask me.

I’m off to enjoy the laziness that is our first day of vacation.

What’s your Friday joy?

18 Responses to "Vacation Time, Pregnancy Lessons and Friday Joys"

I think you look great! Hang in there.

Wow! Your tummy is so big – and the rest of you is so small, so I couldn’t even imagine that you’ve gained much weight other than that Iittle one! I’m currently 25 weeks and my belly is not nearly that pronounced (although I am, finally, obviously pregnant) – it’s insane how four weeks makes a huge difference. This is just my first but I’ve heard that you tend to gain more with subsequent babies (and show earlier) just because your body is more used to gaining weight. I think you look lovely and very feminine!

Thank you! With my oldest, I totally didn’t have the big belly early on. With my second I did for sure! With Baby Boy, it was a little slower, but mostly because I had lost all my weight after Hannah. By 17 weeks I for sure looked pregnant and then it’s just grown from there. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Sarah, you look amazingly cute–and ALL belly! Seriously you don’t look like you’ve gained a pound elsewhere. I’m so proud of you with eating well/exercising. I would like to do as well as you…I’m doing BETTER this pregnancy, but of course I just finished a pumpkin chocolate chip muffin as I type this. I did work out yesterday (which was a 1st since the 1st trimester). Thanks for being a good example!

I miss you girl….when will we get to hang out in person again?!? Since I’m not going to make it to Blissdom this year and all…

Thank you!

I know, it’s kinda sad that we won’t have our meet up at Blissdom. But, not sure it’d be all that much fun with little ones anyways. Unless we could rope some ladies into watching them while we sleep. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Hopefully we’ll figure something out before the kiddos get too big.

My Friday joy is your adorable belly shot. Seriously, it made me giggle! I love your belly and what it means but know the struggle you’re going through. I didn’t know my weight while pregnant but was surprised to find out the number afterward. Either way you’re SO right about it not mattering and that the joy of baby boy will make every minute worth it. Have a wonderful wonderful vacation, can’t wait to hear all about it.

Oh my gosh, you are really beautiful. Seriously, I love this post and all you said about weight gain during pregnancy and I love your perspective. ๐Ÿ™‚ I had such a difficult time with that during my pregnancies and I would have benefitted greatly from knowing you back then ๐Ÿ™‚

From someone who gained 50 pounds AFTER I delivered my last biological child, I say you look great and don’t sweat that scale at all sister! I really feel like our bodies gain what they are suppose to, and your lifestyle will take care of it afterwards! You’re doing great! (I know the self-esteem issues you are talking about…still battling that accusatory voice my head daily!)

Enjoy vacation! You look beautiful as always!

You have a precious belly and still are crazy toned and fit. I wouldn’t just say that either. Not sure how you’re pulling that off, but I am proud of you. Do you know some women over here intentionally smoke b/c they want a low birth weight baby for an easier delivery?!?! Seriously, pack on the pounds (which you’re not) and take a healthy baby!!

Emily, that could be the craziest thing I’ve heard in a while. I don’t know why people would want to intentionally have small babies. Granted I only know my own experiences, but having largish babies weren’t that bad. I had less tearing with 8 and 9 pound babies than several moms with smaller kiddos.

Enjoy your week HOT MAMA!

I think you look great! I wish I looked that good at 30 weeks! I was huge with my second!!

I gain a lot of weight when I am pregnant. It really doesn’t seem to matter if I exercise or not. And I am sure I over indulge, but nothing too crazy and yet I still gain around 50 pounds each time. You look all belly to me. And, BTW, absolutely adorable!!

Thanks for all the support ladies. I think sometimes those silly little numbers get in my head and I kinda freak out. BUT, I know that it’s really all okay. Just need to enjoy this precious time with just me, Baby Boy and all his crazy kicks/punches/moves.

Oh Sarah, you are just glowing and beautiful and I love your baby bump! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m with you on the 50 pound weight gain. That was me with both of my daughters. Don’t stress about it. Eat for the baby, get exercise when you feel up to it, nap when you feel the need…and definitely enjoy your week with the hubby and kids. ๐Ÿ™‚


I agree with everyone — You look great! Even though I can’t point to anyone’s scientific studies that says this, I really think that there must be a whole lotta genetics going on with pregnancy weight gain. I’ve known so many ladies who tried really hard to be careful with what they eat during pregnancy and still gained more weight than they wanted to. I don’t watch what I eat super closely while pregnant, and have had varying levels of physical activity while pregnant and so far always gained about the same amount of weight, an amount that falls in the range that women are “supposed” to gain. I know I can’t take credit for it at all!

Despite having gained about the same amount of weight so far as in previous pregnancies and measuring right on, I am somehow fitting more baby in there than before…at my 19 wk ultrasound the baby was 97th percentile in size and I just had another ultrasound this week at 29wks (they were a bit concerned at first that my placenta was too low…luckily by this ultrasound it moved up out of the way!), and the baby still measured on the 85th percentile. My biggest babe was 8.5 lbs and I even tore with the 7.5 babe, so I’m slightly nervous about what the consequences could be for my body with an even bigger babe. I guess I can still pray for a small-ish head for this baby…that might help! ๐Ÿ˜‰

That’s a really good thought about genetics. I know my mom gained lots if weight with all of her pregnancies, even though she worked out and ate well. And then the whole delivery bit is different for each person and baby. Praying that this delivery goes and smoothly (and without tearing) as the girls did.

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