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Being Someone Different While You’re Dating Your Future Spouse

Posted on: January 17, 2011

The other day, Jonathan said “You really tricked me about who you are while we were dating.

Those words might seem to sting, but they didn’t. Because it’s true. Well, at least what he was referring to: My love/hate relationship with Chinese food.

While we were dating, we loved eating at Asian restaurants. One we found while visiting friends in Boston, Pho Pasteur, was amazing.

Madam Mam's Spring Rolls*

We ate there two, maybe three times on a week long trip. When Jonathan would visit me in college, we ate at some favorite haunts: Madame Mam’s and Thai Noodle House. Yum, yum, yum! And since Asian food is one of Jonathan’s favorite, he was thrilled that his girlfriend loved it.

And then we got married.

While we lived in Iowa, we didn’t find one Asian restaurant that we both enjoyed. Not because they weren’t good, but because I am incredibly picky. I am no fan of Panda Express buffet style Asian food. Yet it seemed that was our only real option in Iowa. So whenever Jonathan would ask “Do you want Chinese food?”, I’d sigh and say “No.”

And Jonathan felt duped. All this time I claimed to like Chinese food, when in fact, I didn’t. Or so he thought.

So this weekend when Jonathan said “You tricked me” I had to clarify:

I didn’t trick him. I still love Asian foods, I just don’t like Asian food chain restaurants. There is a big difference. Upon learning this tidbit of knowledge {although I’m fairly certain this wasn’t the first time I told him my pickiness}, he was elated. As in I-don’t-care-if-we-just-ate-let’s-drive-to-Madam-Mam’s-now-and-eat-again elated.

Needless to say, this week’s date will include Asian food.

And we’re both pretty excited.

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8 Responses to "Being Someone Different While You’re Dating Your Future Spouse"

Oyama? Jade Sisters?

We never tried Oyama. Where is it? I like Jade Sisters, but for some reason, Jonathan wasn’t a huge fan, so we only went maybe twice. We did like Three Samurai, but didn’t discover it until shortly before we left {and then could only afford it for lunch, not dinner}.

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Do you guys do sushi? I had never tried it until Jeremy and I were dating. He convinced me to go and when you want someone to like you, you’ll agree to try sushi! Anyway, I shocked myself at how much I did like it the first time. Now, 5 years later I get CRAVINGS for sushi, especially eel and fresh salmon and tuna.

We love sushi! The one place we both agreed on while we were in Iowa was a sushi place. And then, sadly, it shut down. ;( Mmmm… Now I’M craving sushi. Hahaha!

Yummy Asian food. There is a place right outside our door-jhan jay thai- that is vegetarian (which originally Chris balked at) and I crave it ALL the time. In fact we had it last Monday for dinner even though I had something on the menu. Not liking Asian food and not liking buffet chains is totally different ; ) enjoy your date night.

Haha! I hear ya! Christopher tricked me with country music. He said he didn’t like it… four years we dated and he never liked country music. Then suddenly we were married and he started listening to country. At first I refused to listen to it, but then he heard a song that he said reminded him of me so I listened to it. And fell in love with the song. And next thing I know even I’m listening to country, haha!

Aoshi is pretty good in Iowa City, I hate that it’s closed on Mondays though. The Japanese sushi place downtown called Takanami was good too (expensive though). Jade Sisters was ok, but I also liked Chinawok which is a hole in the wall place, but they made the BEST steamed pot stickers with the most amazing spicy sauce. *drool…

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