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Having Your 3 Year Old Make Tortillas

Posted on: December 15, 2010

One desire I have for my girls is that they would grow up cooking along side me. At times it can be quite overwhelming having a 3 year old and a 1.5 year old “helping” me, but I am always looking for ways to incorporate them.

Our family makes a lot of homemade tortillas and the girls {i.e. Julia} always want to help roll them out. Unfortunately we only have one rolling pin and it is way too big and way too heavy for the girls. In the past I’ve had Julia use a little plastic play one, but it doesn’t work very well. Then last week I found this:

{photo credit}

It’s a junior size rolling pin made by Fiesta. It is made from silicon and is non stick. It’s the perfect size for the girls! We’ve used it once and Julia loves it! Her tortillas might not turn out perfect, she is able to help now and make her and Hannah’s tortillas.

What tricks or tools have you picked up to help incorporate your kids in the kitchen?

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6 Responses to "Having Your 3 Year Old Make Tortillas"

That’s great! Our Hannah has a small broom that she likes to use for us to sweep together.

What a fun tool and great idea-to have the girls cooking with you. Sounds like the making for great family memories and learning opportunities! It’s so cute that Julia loves rolling out tortillas!

Archer can’t really help yet but he sits and listens/chews on toys while I tell him what I’m doing and if the stove isn’t involved he watches from a sling. I also hope to someday cook with his help so I can’t wait to see what people say.

Yes! I know what I’m getting my daughter for her 5th birthday…it will go very well with the apron and cookbook she’s getting from grandma for a Christmas gift!

(I’m a WFMW visitor)

I’m sure she will love it! It is the perfect size for little kids! Thanks for stopping by!

What a cute rolling pin!

I have happy memories of helping in the kitchen, and I like my son (almost 6) to help me. Here are two important things I’ve learned:

My constant instructions can begin to feel unfair, like I know everything and he has no voice. Sometimes he wants to show me the way he usually does it, and if I watch I may learn something or realize that my method doesn’t work for a smaller person!

One of the worst things I can do, making both of us nervous and annoyed, is to worry a lot that he might break something, mess up the food, or hurt himself. It’s good to keep a few safety rules and insist on careful measuring of crucial ingredients, but other than that I must relax and avoid saying or thinking what could go wrong. It helps to state what to DO instead of what to NOT DO: “Keep the spoon touching the bottom so the flour stays in the bowl.” instead of, “Don’t fling it around!”

My tortillas don’t turn out perfect either. I can never get a really good round one but they taste good anyways. 😉 I love the little rolling pin; so cute! It is great that you are incorperating your girls at such an early age. They will love cooking and have wonderful memories to boot. I know my girls do and now they can even make stuff on their own which is a real treat!

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