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Try New Adventures – Baking With Kids

Posted on: December 2, 2010

Yesterday my SIL and I decided to treat our three youngest by letting them help us bake snickerdoodles. Rare is the day that I bake with both my girls helping, let alone three. Each mom manned a counter and had the girls take turns helping us measure, pour and stir.

The girls had a blast helping. It was so much fun to be baking with Christmas music playing in the background and the girls laughing and having such a good time. Hannah especially liked the mixing spoon. Who can blame her? 🙂

*Another adventure this week was my new hat {see picture}. What do ya’ll think?? Is it a keeper?

Visit Alicia at Alicia’s Homemaking for more Try New Adventures Thursday.

9 Responses to "Try New Adventures – Baking With Kids"

Love the hat!! Great to see pics of y’all having fun! You are brave!! And of course, your niece looks like she could be your daughter!!
Wondering if it is cold down there now, since you are wearing long sleeves! I too am enjoying Christmas music!Hope your truck of belongings arrives soon and that you can be re-united with Jonathon!

It just occurred to me that your girls might be borrowing some of their cousins’ clothes, since your stuff is in transit! Is there plenty of room for you all in your brother’s house? Enjoy, because soon you will be unpacking boxes and looking for things, etc.!

Oooh, these are sweet pictures. I love snickerdoodles! My godsister made them for us when we were little (one time she burned them so badly they were completely black through and through!). Ah, the memories.

Are you enjoying being close to family again? Seems like it!

Also, I was going to comment that I loved the hat even before I saw your ending note. 😀

What a fun activity with your family! It seems like ya’ll are having a great time, but I hope you get to Austin to reunite with Jonathan (and start Christmas decorating). I’m sure he’s missing ya’ll too.

The hat is fantastic! Where did you find it?

Charlotte – it’s cool, but not cold. You can get by with long sleeves in the Dallas/Ft Worth area, but Jon says it’s not as cool in Austin. And yes, they have plenty of space for us here.

Alicia – What a fun memory! Our snickerdoodles were tasty, but super flat. Not sure what happened. Maybe the temp was too high?

Katie – Got it from Ross. Oh how I missed Ross! And Marshalls! We didn’t have them in Iowa, so I’m living it up now that we’re back. 🙂

You are definitely a hat person! It looks great on you!

I miss my babies!!!!

How fun! And what great pictures. I love cooking with my son – and I find it’s a great way to introduce him to other cultures. Food is a really delicious way to “try out” someone else’s heritage!

Thanks for a great post!

I totally agree on trying out other foods and helping them help you make it! Thanks for stopping by!

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