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I’m Not Always the Most Rational Person *Update

Posted on: November 5, 2010

I lost Molly tonight.

The girls and I went to the library late in the afternoon and Hannah asked to take Molly along. I allowed it. At one point she set Molly down and I reminded her to hold on to her. The girls played, I read. And we left.

When bedtime came around the “great Molly hunt” that happens every night began. Like a punch in my gut, I realized Molly got left at the library. No sweat, right? We’ll just go there in the morning and all will be well, right?

Sure. Maybe most rational people {like Jonathan} can think that way. But not me. No, I’ve spent the last hour searching for a replacement Molly. All I can think is “What mom, what good mom, loses her daughter’s favorite bear?” What if someone took Molly? What if she’s gone forever?

Told you I’m not always the most rational person.

What if? Well, Molly is just a bear. And keeping track of a bear doesn’t actually show my ability to parent {right? please say no.}. And Hannah might have some sadness if Molly doesn’t resurface, yet I’m sure in time it’ll get better.

We said a prayer tonight that Molly would show up tomorrow. As soon as the library is open we’ll be there. Here’s to trusting God for Molly Bear!

*Update – We went to the library as soon as it opened this morning. I ran in alone, searched all the spots that we had gone yesterday before asking at the children’s desk. They had nothing and sent me to the main desk. I anxiously asked if they had a bear, and the librarian said it didn’t sound familiar but that she’d check. Lo and behold, I spotted Molly as soon as the lady opened the cabinet doors! Praise the Lord!

Hannah squealed when I came back out to the car with Molly in hand. She is one happy little girl: http://twitpic.com/34fhw4

10 Responses to "I’m Not Always the Most Rational Person *Update"

The library usually has a great lost and found. Praying it’s there tomorrow.

that happened to andreas bear back when we were packing out stuff in san antonio to move to springfield, it took us 3 day and re-visiting all the places we had been the last time andrea had him. fortunately, when we asked @ walmart if by any chance they had a little yellow bear with a pink plastic heart in their lost and found they had it! someone turned it in and they were keeping it cause they figured it belonged to a little kid. praying u guys find molly

Oh, poor Molly Bear!!!

However, I am quite sure that her sleepover at the library does not reflect on your parenting. ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s hoping she’s safe and sound!

Oh, there have been so many times that we have been walking home from our library when I realize that my son’s favorite toy car got left behind, so we turn around and head right back. But the worst place he lost it was in my friend’s enormous vegetable garden. He literally couldn’t sleep without it, so we had to go buy an emergency replacement. Luckily my friend found the car weeks later in the middle of a sweet potato plant. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m also glad to know we’re not the only family who spends a chunk of each evening searching the house for the favorite toy. I hope Molly finds her way back to you soon.

This is my fear for Momo!!! I totally understand your feelings, definitely do not think this reflects on your parenting, and really hope you find her today!

Thanks for the support ladies! Molly has been found! Whew. I think a new “Molly stays” rule needs to take effect.

Keeping track of stuffed animals does NOT reflect your mothering skills but I understand how it might feel that way. I hope Molly Bear shows up today but yes I agree the library is a good place to loose her because the lost and found is great!

obviously I did not check update before replying, oops but YEA for the return of Molly Bear!!

So glad you found molly! Graham has lost his blanket before, in the apple orchard no less and we spent 2 hours looking for it b/c I refused to leave w/o it. It is amazing how a kid’s favortite thing can totally save the day sometimes ๐Ÿ™‚

[…] and your family, more than you will ever fully realize. My only advice to you is, try not to eat Molly’s face so much. She’s such a cute little bear and I’d hate for her to not have a nose. I […]

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