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The Only Way I Stayed Awake For Nearly 24 Hours

Posted on: October 22, 2010

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6 Responses to "The Only Way I Stayed Awake For Nearly 24 Hours"

dude! been thinking about you all morning and wondering how it all went! hope you get some sleep!

ohmigosh I didn’t realize ya’ll were driving, glad you made it safely.

We drove straight through to FW with only stopping a few times for break and once for a short nap {the girls wouldn’t let us sleep any longer}. We were gonna drive straight to Houston, but decided to spend today and tomorrow morning with family before the wedding.

Oh my word!! That’s a long drive..done it. So, I have to do a ridiculous “Valley Girl” drama bit for a VBS-type thing at our (Scottish) church…do you think if I’ve never had one, Red Bull will energize me enough to get past how foolish I feel????

It will totally make you wired. BUT, I’d drink it a few hours before you need to. Unlike coffee, it didn’t make me wired until much later. Maybe the caffeine in it doesn’t pass through your body as quickly? But I drank two at 9pm, but didn’t feel it’s real effects until 11/11:30.

Whew! I’ve never had a Red Bull before…they scare me.

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