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Headache, You Give Me Such a Headache

Posted on: October 15, 2010

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For all of you waiting on pins and needles for more information on my headaches, I’ve got something for you! I’ve been off sugar for 15 days now. Don’t feel too bad for me, since I’ve started experimenting more with agave and honey to make cakes and muffins. They taste pretty much the same and my sweet tooth is satisfied.

Now, for the headaches themselves, I’ve noticed a sure pattern. For the first two days of my sugar fast my head was pounding. This also happened to be a time when my monthly cycle was having a shift. I did great day 3-13 but then yesterday out of nowhere my head started pounding. Up to this point I had had the beginnings of headaches, but nothing actually happened. So yesterday I was thrown off guard that my headache went from nothing to full blown in such a short time. It lasted half the day and I went to bed early because I was starting to feel sick to my stomach. I did a little tracking and realized my cycle is shifting again.

Now, this is what I’ve concluded:

1. Without sugar my headaches have been far more infrequent – making me think that going totally sugar free might not be the worst idea ever.

2. My headaches are effected a lot by hormones. Which I can’t really control. Bummer of a deal. I’m starting to research/explore that whole field.

My guess is this experiment is going to last through November – with me adding back in some sugar to test out my theory. I did go back on the coffee kick, because, well, coffee is my BFF, my cheerleader in a cup. We all knew I couldn’t part with it for too long.


3 Responses to "Headache, You Give Me Such a Headache"

Sarah, I have had headaches for a long time and I always thought they were frequent and random. My doctor suggested they were hormonal and I scoffed because I was SURE there was no pattern. I knew some of the triggers…not enough sleep, skipping a meal, strong smells….but I finally started tracking them on a calendar and low and behold, they ALWAYS happened when my hormones were dropping or raising (few days before and few days after period) and I was genuinely surprised. I have kept track of them, and that is always the pattern. I know that doesn’t really help, but it did help a little bit for me to know when they happen and why.

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