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Top Spots to Visit at Central Park

Posted on: September 17, 2010

{I wrote this post before leaving, so events may or may not take place. Be on the lookout next week for all the real action.}

Our weekend is jammed packed with fun celebrations. Today I am relaxing with Dimple, planning some shopping and a walk through Central Park. If you’ve never been to Central Park, it’s a spectacular place. You could spend days here without seeing everything.

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Top Spots to Visit at Central Park

1. Belvedere Castle – Offering a beautiful view of the Park, this castle serves as a fully functional weather station and nature observatory.

2. Great Lawn – Perhaps the best noted feature of the Park, the Great Lawn plays host to annual concerts and performances.

3. Children’s Zoo – When our family get a chance to visit, the Zoo will be on the top of our “to-see” list.

4. Strawberry Fields –  A personal favorite, Strawberry Fields is a dedication site to the late John Lennon. The memorial site is located across the street from where John was shot and killed in 1980.

What is your “must see” of Central Park? If you’ve never been, where would you want to go?

1 Response to "Top Spots to Visit at Central Park"

I’ve never been and would just want to walk around the park and picnic on the great lawn.

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