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A biker family

Posted on: August 31, 2010

At the beginning of the summer we bought a second bike seat for Hannah and since then have been a biking family! It took Hannah a couple of rides to get use to the helmet, but now the girl loves it! {Despite the face in the photo – she was super tired.} While August hasn’t been nearly as crazy as July, it seems to have flown by all the same. We started the month off with our anniversary trip to Minneapolis. Then Grandma moved in and we all got sick. Not quite a highlight of the month, but what can ya do?

Jonathan celebrated his birthday this month. Thirty-two years. Wow. In a good way! It took Jonathan a week or two to fully recuperate from his July work schedule. But now things are “normal” and we’ve been enjoying having free {is that even possible} weekends. Julia seems to be getting smarter by the minute. She’s gotten really good at repeating everything she hears. Let’s just say, I won’t be saying c-r-a-p any more. For real. Not cool to have your two year old immediately repeat that word. Oops. As for Hannah, she went a little crazy on us this month when she decided to teeth four {4!} molars. At once. Whew. Thankfully after 7-10 days she was done. She now has her four canines coming through, but it doesn’t seem to be bothering her nearly as much {mama does a happy dance!}. As for me, I’ve been sewing up a storm. Well, not really. I’ve only made one other apron – for Julia. However, I have a friend who just gave me some fabric and asked that I make her a couple of aprons. I’m pretty excited. 🙂

6 Responses to "A biker family"

Wait, r u taking orders for sewing projects? We could use a couple aprons in our house! 😉

I LOVE that dress and that you’re wearing it on a bike. 🙂

just wondering if this was a staged photo of i you were really going out for a ride??? 🙂

We actually went out. But not far. Needed to just tied H over before it was bed time. Thus, we are wearing nicer clothes. Typically when it’s 2-4 miles we wear shorts and stuff. This was about a 1/2 mile trip.

I love the look on Julia’s face!! Miss you all sooo much!

Aww your family rocks! I agree with Emily-amazing wearing that cute dress on bike!

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