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Anniversary Extravaganza 2010!

Posted on: August 9, 2010

Jon and I went to Minneapolis this weekend to celebrate our five year anniversary {July 30}. We had a wonderful time {made even more relaxing knowing our girls were well taken care of – Thanks Abdos!}. I have a confession: We didn’t take as many pictures as I {pr maybe even you} might have expected. From the moment we arrived in Minneapolis, all responsibility, even photo taking, went out the window.

We started the weekend off by driving this:

2010 Chevy Camaro – Awesomeness

We stayed on the 16th floor of the Marquette in downtown. We love tall buildings and lots of crowds, so we were delighted with our view:

Minneapolis reminded us a lot of Austin. Which in of itself made us love the city. One of the coolest things we came across was public bicycles. Minneapolis has this bike rental program called Nice Ride. The idea is to rent bike for a day, month or even a year, then when you are done riding, return it. There were return kiosks all over downtown, so finding and returning the bikes were quite easy. I loved it. Although, there were times {say 5 o’clock traffic} that I was less than confident riding on the streets. But, Minneapolis is incredibly bike friendly, so after the first few minutes I realized most drivers were use to having cyclists riding along side them {not something I can say is as true here} and I stopped worry so much and went with the flow.

Our three main goals of the trip were 1) sleep in, 2) eat at a really nice restaurant, 3) plan nothing. That last one was easy. Aside from our couple’s massage on Saturday {which was as nice as it sounds} we made no plans. And while I doubted I’d be able to sleep in, I actually did. I woke up at 6:30 on Saturday, went back to bed and then got up for the day at 7:30. However, Sunday morning I slept till 8:30. I couldn’t recall sleeping that late since Julia was born. Talk about a nice way to start off your Sunday!

As for eating at a nice restaurant, we had dinner Saturday night at 112 Eatery. The atmosphere was a little louder and less romantic than I had originally wanted, but rather than sitting across for one another, Jon and I sat side by side, which actually made it more romantic. And the food? It was worth every penny. We had scallops with mushrooms, a pasta with lamb sauce and this amazing green bean and feta side dish. Oy! It was so good, I dreamed about it that night!

Here we are all dressed up for our night out:

We got home on Sunday night around 8. The Abdos weren’t home from church yet, so we were able to unpack our bags before getting the girls. I’ll admit – I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be “ready” to start being mama again. Even as we pulled into town, I kept thinking “I don’t want to go back to reality just yet”. But when we saw the Windhamettes for the first time, I was thrilled. Hannah caught us through the window and just stared in puzzlement. Once she figured out what was going on, she just started laughing. It was really sweet and made me glad to be home.

And now, as our week has started and life moves on, I can look back at a wonderful time spent alone with Jonathan and rejoice in God’s blessing in our marriage.

11 Responses to "Anniversary Extravaganza 2010!"

Soooo glad you had a good time!! And to sleep in….I’m just a tad bit jealous 🙂 You two are a beautiful couple!!

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How fun! I like the rent a fun car idea! We just had a perfect 2 day getaway too, but will have to remember the car for next time!

looks great sarah! you knew that Iowa City has that bike deal too- the bike Library right by IC farmers market- you can buy the bike for like 50 bucks for the day, take it back and get your money.. or later on return it etc etc! pretty sweet deal!

I’ve heard about that in IC, but this just stepped it up a notch. They were all over the city and it was only $5 a day. Pretty sweet deal.

My niece’s husband said Minneapolis is great for riding bikes, so glad you got to experience it!! I know I am still not very confident riding around here, so I can’t imagine trying in the Twin Cities!!
Sounds like you had a week-end that pretty much achieved your goals! Glad to hear it!! 🙂
The desire accomplished is sweet to the soul!!

Glad you had such a great trip! It sounds perfect. I think renting a car was a stroke of genius!

We celebrated #6 this past wkend. I am super impressed by your trip. sounds like fun! isn’t it so incredibly wonderful to still be so much more in love with the man you married 5yrs ago. God’s grace is beautiful!

Yea!! How fun! You look so lovely in your 2 dresses!

Woo hoo what fun!! Love the photo of you with the bike, so urban fab!! Glad ya’ll had a nice weekend together!

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