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I’m going to stop being a mom this week

Posted on: July 26, 2010

Julia has hit an amazing point in life. She’s more out-going, more inquisitive, more talkative, more capable of engaging with me.

She’s also demanding {quite literally} her independence. She’s talking back, she’s telling me “no”, and becoming more possessive of her things. At times it’s overwhelming and more than I care to deal with.

But I caught myself this last week overlooking the not-crazy-2 times. In the middle of the living room, Julia was dancing and laughing. And I found myself not paying attention. I was in Sarahworld, not mamaworld. And it hit me: I need to focus on the amazing parts of Julia not just the parts that need “fixing”.

It seems easy enough, but it really does require that much more. When Julia isn’t acting out, I can get things done. When she’s behaving, I can clean, cook, run errands {and well, check Twitter}. Yet, this last weekend, while Jon was putting in overtime {which means I was putting in overtime} I tried focusing on the amazing parts of my children. And it was good.

I decided to make a goal for myself this week: Stop being just “mom” and focus on playing with my children. Get overly excited with them and for them. Enjoy the parts of being a mom that aren’t all work but are play.

5 Responses to "I’m going to stop being a mom this week"

Hey Sarah!

perhaps you may remember me from a few years back, I’m Steve who used to date Shambhavi. I just found your blog through Facebook. It’s a very engaging read, I love your writing style. There’s even a recipe I might try out once winter arrives here in Sweden.

All the best to you and your family!


Sarah –
I checked out your blog after looking for your last name . . . not stalking, but getting ready to mail you a copy of my book after having a talk with your mom yesterday. Yes, you are as amazing as she said!

I am glad to be reminded that I am always as choice in what I see – what gets my attention. And I know that whatever I feed with that attention grows in my experience.

The title is fabulous too. Until “mom” equates with “unconditional love” rather than “judge and jury”, you can simply take a vacation from the latter. Fun!

Love this – isn’t it funny how we have to remind ourselves sometimes? I do it too – and I also try to remind myself to be a “yes mom” sometimes and stop myself before saying “no.” Not to be a pushover, but just to be more fun sometimes. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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Love this!! Thanks for the reminder:)

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