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What do you do when the lights are out?

Posted on: June 19, 2010

Yesterday afternoon our family had lunch out. While we were eating it stormed. Bad. I even commented to Jon that the clouds seemed to be going in a circular motion {never a good thing} and the winds were crazy. We came home to downed tree branches, scattered patio furniture, stray animals running around and no electricity. It was about an hour before naptime and honestly all I could think was “Thank You God our sound machine has back-up batteries!” My kids can’t sleep without white noise.

The afternoon felt almost pioneer-y, no noise, no real distractions. The girls even set up a fort under the kitchen table {which, for some reason, screams pioneer to me}. During naptime I started reading Pride and Prescience – a Jane Austen spin off mystery. It seemed quite an appropriate time period for my afternoon. By dinner, the electricity was still out, but since we have a gas stove, we were able to cook. My romantic flare kicked in and I seriously debated cooking a roast in a huge stock pot and serving it in wooden bowls. Instead I made bean and cheese tacos. Always a fast and easy winner with the family.

By dark, we still had no power so we made use of all our Kandela Candles from Leah’s old business. Once the girls were in bed I sat in the living room reading my Jane Austen-eques book and Jonathan said I must be eating all this romance up. Which I was. 😉 Around 1 this morning the power came back and we’ve been living in modern society since. Kind of a shame. I think we might have to have more no-electricity days. It was just too peaceful.

4 Responses to "What do you do when the lights are out?"

I always freak out about loss of white noise, too…also love that you almost made a roast then went with tacos…obviously the clear choice.

Sounds like good fun. I love that you were adventurous about it instead of complaining like someone (ME) I might know : ) Also glad about the sound machines!

a bonus to living here…houses have inverters or generators for lack of electricity. bad thing aobut living here…the inv. or gen. are used about every day!

Sarah, I highly recommend books by Terri Blackstock, the series that starts with Last Light. She is a Christian author and the books start with everyone losing power in this day and age….I don’t want to tell you more, but you should google it. You would love ’em!

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