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What a weekend, what a party

Posted on: June 14, 2010

We hosted the “Party of all Parties” this weekend. We wanted to celebrate the remodeling of the kitchen {and show off the new place to those who hadn’t seen it}, rejoice in making it a whole year with two kids and to, well, party.

Here are some highlights:

Kids playing soccer

Hannah showing them how it's done

Balancing acts


Cute babies

A bear cake for The Bear {Hannah's nickname}

Debating on eating cake

Sampling the icing {Omi giving her some encouraging words}

Digging right in!

"Omi, did you try this cake? Holy cow, it's good!"

And no party with the Windhamettes would be complete without a little crying.

It's my party and I'll cry if I want

3 Responses to "What a weekend, what a party"

I’m still so bummed we missed it. It seems like Graham gets these mysterious high fevers that end with nothing but crabbiness every time we have something fun planned. I’m glad it went well and the weather cleared up a bit 🙂

The last pic is priceless!!

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