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April shower’s bring May flowers; May showers just drive ya crazy

Posted on: May 12, 2010

Despite the fact that it’s no longer April, we’re getting a lot of rain. And while I actually don’t mind it (since normally I really do like rain) it’s cold on top of rainy. Meaning, we are staying indoors. A lot. And going stir crazy. A lot.

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So, what’s a mama to do with all this indoor time?

1. Have regular play dates

We try to meet up with other kids twice a week. This week? We’ve got a whopping 4 play dates scheduled. And while it totally messes up Hannah’s morning nap routine, it’s a lifesaver for Julia and me.

2. Bring out old toys

Have toys that are tucked away that your kids haven’t touched in a few weeks (or new toys they’ve never seen)? Rainy days, or rainy weeks in our case, are a great time to reintroduce old toys.

3. Clear out the garage

If you have space in your garage, pull out the car and let your kids use the area as an outdoor/indoor play area. Let them ride around on bikes, write with sidewalk chalk, have a picnic or other fun outdoor games.

4. Have movie night during the day

We don’t allow our girls to watch much television. Actually, let me rephrase that – we go weeks without turning on the television and then might watch it for two days in a row. But, typically speaking, watching television for the girls is a privilege (and let’s be honest, it’s a nice break for me too). So, when we’ve exhausted all our options, I like to have Movie Night during the day. Bring out the pillows and blankets, pop some popcorn, get some candy and toss in Curious George. Sometimes I might even fall asleep.

5 Responses to "April shower’s bring May flowers; May showers just drive ya crazy"

Love it! I have a post scheduled for next week on weaning Luke from TV- I am definitely linking to this! Watch out!

I ditto the garage comment. My kids love riding bikes/trikes and thought it was cool when we shut the garage door and ride in there while it is rainy!!!

going nuts is all i have to say!

It is unusually cold and rainy here too, I’m missing summer heat. Those sound like great rainy day activities. A big one here in Seattle is going to coffee shops that have small indoor place spaces and there are some indoor playgrounds but they aren’t free. Also, I think people kind of just hole up a little.

[…] This meant that I had to slow down (kills me) and actually sit down and play with the kids.  We all loved it!  As a result, I came up with the following things to do with kids.  Some are outdoors, most are indoors.  And here are some more ideas from Sarah, at A Wife Loved Like the Church. […]

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