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I plan to run a half marathon this weekend…

Posted on: April 16, 2010

Or die trying.

I don’t actually think I will die. But, I will say this, I am really looking forward to my run being completed. I have thoroughly enjoyed running and pushing myself beyond what I thought I was capable, but at some point I’ve started to lose steam. I wasn’t able to complete my run on Easter after the tire changing incident and have felt sort of deflated after that. Last night I went on a really awesome power run and felt some boost come back. I think it gave me the confidence I need to push through.

Come Sunday, the 18th, at 9 am, if you’re in the Iowa City area, you might see me running by. And if you do see me, I’d love a little cheer, a holler, or even a “go get ’em!”. Then when I wake up Monday morning, I hope to proudly say – “Been there. Done that.”

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6 Responses to "I plan to run a half marathon this weekend…"

What half marathon are you running? Where is the route? Hope you are feeling well enough by now to do it!! “Yea!” for you, by the way!!

Wishing you luck on your run! I will be praying for you and asking that God let’s you not just complete the race, but finish with a huge sense of accomplishment for all your have achieved. Running a half marathon is a huge deal, especially after you have had 2 babies, so whatever the outcome, be proud of your efforts… b/c I know everyone else is! Take care and run well!

you got this! just keep thinking how awesome it will be to cross this one off your list of 30 before 30!

You are such an amazing woman Sarah! GO GET ‘EM! What is your route? Would love to come cheer you on!

I’m writing this after the run….so…I’m dying to know…how did you do?!!

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