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Is this blogging thing getting out of control?

Posted on: March 23, 2010

Towards the end of 2009 I told Jonathan I felt like I had no creative outlet. It seems tons of moms around me are super ingenious, like Leah or Rachel. But me? Nope. I know what I like. Organization. Laughing. Writing. Reading. Daydreaming. None of which seem very ingenious. Then Jonathan suggested I start blogging more.

I’ve been blogging for 3.5 years. I’ve taken breaks, I’ve blogged daily, I’ve nearly quit several times. But when it’s all said and done, I come back. Because I love it. Blogging for me is such a creative outlet. I’ve actually formed some pretty great relationships over the blogosphere. And to top it off (like adding sprinkles to my sundae) I’ve reconnected to old friends whom I’ve not seen in years. I’m having to find a good balance between blogging and life. Jonathan does a great job of supporting me in this new venture while telling me when enough is enough. Surprisingly, it can be pretty overwhelming. If you’re actively wanting to create a blogging community, it takes time and effort. Thankfully, I’ve come across other women who have started paving the road for me. One of them is Heather of Theta Mom. I recently joined up with her Theta Mom Community and have found some pretty awesome bloggers.

We’ll see where all this leads. Our family has some strict(er) guidelines for computer use – at least during the day; hence why the computer is downstairs and away from the living area – which means I have to monitor my time and use. But so far I’ve loved every minute of searching out blogs, forming community and letting my creativity flow!

If you want to know more about Theta Mom Community, click below:


3 Responses to "Is this blogging thing getting out of control?"

How cute are you for posting this?!

I LOVE the fact that you are networking and meeting other fab bloggers through TMC – that in itself has been one of my major goals in developing this community – a place where bloggers can meet, network and share.

So excited you are a part of it and I thank you SO MUCH for supporting Theta Mom!


I hear ya. It’s especially hard with WP dashboard stats and you see who and when people visit you- easy to be obsessed with numbers or compare yourself with others. On the other hand, I know you thru blogging, which I love! So, I, too, am trying to have fun, but also not be brutal with it.

I just joined the other day and now am finding some great blogs, like yours, hoping to get to chat with more bloggers too.

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