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Welcome to our humble abode

Posted on: February 5, 2010

We are entering the second month of our stay with our host family, the Abdos. They have graciously given us full rein of their basement and Julia is slowly claiming her rights to the main floor and their living quarters. And she’s also done a pretty descent job of wrapping their boys around her finger. 😉

One of the best things about living here, is seeing how much everyone loves on the girls. It’s made me realize, that the quickest way to a mama’s heart is to love her children. The Abdos do an fantastic job of showering Julia and Hannah with attention and affection. It makes me love the Abdos even more (which is saying something, because we already love them a ton).

Jonathan and I have joked that our area is very European. If we had a little kitchenette in the laundry room, we’d be all set to live in France! After we packed all our things into storage, there was an amazing weight lifted at realizing just how little we can (and should) be living off.

Here are some pictures of our humble abode:

Living room/ office / master bedroom *Don't mind the oversized dog*

Living room / office / closet area

The girls' room / Julia's sleeping area

The girls' room / Hannah's sleeping area

4 Responses to "Welcome to our humble abode"

I’m glad things are working out so well for you guys with living with the Abdos. We’ve really enjoyed having Adam living with us, more so than I thought I would. Makes me think that Wendy’s commune idea is actually a really good one! And I think it’s always a good practice to be “force” to live with less. It is really helpful in showing how little we really need to get by.

I think I missed why you are doing this…? You make our flat look huge!

We’re moving. Staying here in town, but buying a new house and we have about 8-10 weeks btwn being out of our old place and moving into our new one.

“Makes me think that Wendy’s commune idea is actually a really good one!” Alicia… did you ever doubt? 😉

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