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Nutella, how do I love thee?

Posted on: February 2, 2010

About a week ago, I mentioned to Shirley, our host “mom”, that I love Nutella. Like, can’t get enough, love it. In fact, while Jonathan and I were traveling through Europe after college, I stocked up on tons of Nutella packets and stored them in my backpack to bring home. They didn’t make it back to the States. Pretty sure they didn’t make it through an entire train ride.

Imagine my excitement when I opened the cabinet on Thursday to find this:

Oh yeah. Just in time for after-nap snack.
I spread it on some graham crackers to make a “sandwich”. One word – delectable.

Julia’s thoughts?

I think she likes it.

Thanks Shirley!


3 Responses to "Nutella, how do I love thee?"

We love nutella, too, and I can even get the generic brand here cheaper. Yea for the UK!

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