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Help for Haiti

Posted on: January 15, 2010

MoneySavingMom is donating $10 for every person who blogs about what they specifically have done to help the Haitians. She will donate $.30 for every person who merely leaves a comment or email with what they have done.

What have you done?

Link up with MoneySavingMom to tell her what you’ve done and provide a little more help!

What have we done?

We donated money to Compassion International Wednesday night. I called Red Cross and United Way yesterday and was told that at this time, money is the biggest means of support, but will find out once that changes. Our family is discussing how much more we will give now and what ways we can continue to support the Haitians in the future (water, blankets, other supplies).

Please continue to pray for the country and her people.

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3 Responses to "Help for Haiti"

Thank you so much for helping! What a blessing! 😀


So exciting! Where are you guys at? Your pastor’s house?

Andrea – We’re at our pastor’s, who lives near Jaime and Amanda off Benton. It’s been pretty awesome here for sure!

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