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The wrong side of right

Posted on: December 3, 2009

I find that I’m constantly evaluating my life.

Why do I teach Julia the way I do?

Why do I believe this or that?

Why am I here?

Why, why, why?

More than a year ago, I started Truthful Thursday. I did it as a means to openly praise God, as a reminder of who He is and who I am. I did it for Him.

But since I started using Mr. Linky and trying to actively make Truthful Thursday something more, I’ve stopped wanting to do it. I’ve caught myself wondering why more people haven’t “linked up”, why things aren’t catching on, how to expand TT and how to bring more attention to my blog. TT stopped being about God and started being about me. In fact, today I almost didn’t post. And truth be known, I just re-posted an older TT. Why? Because I really didn’t want to post, but felt like I had to.

So, today is my last day to link up for TT. I plan on still writing TTs, but don’t want it to be so rigid. If I don’t get to it one week, that’s okay. I want it to be heartfelt and praising to God. Not to me. Not to the world. But to Him alone.

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And in that praise God! And, as always, thank for your honesty and fierce devotion to our father.

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