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No Cook November turns into “Do It All December”

Posted on: December 1, 2009

November came to a close yesterday, with me cooking very little, obtaining an awesome new crockpot (thanks babe and Black Friday!) and realizing how much I love having dinner done by 9am. I’d say No Cook November was a pretty good success, with just a few hiccups. It took me a little time to figure out just how to use the crockpot (what settings were best, how much liquid I really should add, etc). But once I got things more under control, I loved it and started experimenting more and more.

But November has come and gone, leaving us with a new month and a new goal.

Since we’re moving out this month, and will not have the benefit of our extra freezer, all our frozen meats/veggies, along with most of our canned goods, needs to go. That means, this month I am introducing:

Do It All December

Have a can of rotel?

Let’s use it!

Leftover bag of stuffing?

Toss it in the mix!

Packet of onion mix collecting dust in the back pantry?

One beef stew mixture coming right up!

This month I am cooking completely spur of the moment – for me at least – and forgoing my monthly meal plans and simply cooking what we have on hand. This could get interesting…. Yesterday we had chicken and veggies (in the crockpot to finish off NCN) and today I have beef stew (again, in the crockpot, because, hey, why not?). Tomorrow’s menu? Who knows? Pork and stuffing? Spaghetti? Pad Thai? We’ll see what mood strikes. We’ve got plenty of meat to carry us through and will only need to restock some can goods and vegetables. I’m hoping we’ll see our food budget drop as we get only the essentials over the next three weeks. I’m pretty excited about this new adventure and hope it turns out as well as NCN.

Here I come, Do It All December!

3 Responses to "No Cook November turns into “Do It All December”"

Extra money in the food budget?? You know what that means? More money for the New Year’s glasses budget!!

I never thought of that! Oh man, I am going to spend half our grocery budget on some bling New Year’s glasses. Sweet!

Oooo this is exciting I can’t wait to hear the things you cook up! Pad Thai sounds delish. I feel too intimidated to try it.

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