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This is normal, right?

Posted on: November 11, 2009

Normal people iron their sheets, right?

They sweep then swiffer, right?

They can tell you the contents of their entire freezer, by heart, right?

They choose to clean their house rather than take a “break” when their husband takes the kids for the morning, right?

Please tell me normal people do this.



7 Responses to "This is normal, right?"

*stares and points at you*

As normal as I am. 🙂

I have ironed sheets before, but only when I left them in the dryer way too long and they were ridiculously wrinkled.
I understand the swiffer after sweeping because it picks up stuff you don’t get when sweeping. Totally normal.
Knowing the entire contents of my freezer by heart? Ummmm, no.

Last night I was putting our clean sheets on the bed and decided to iron them (and this hasn’t been the first time). The entire time I kept asking Jonathan “This is normal right? Normal people iron their sheets. Right??”. So I’m glad to know I’m normal. 🙂

If that’s NOT normal, I WANT to be weird! My mother raised me to be very detail oriented when it comes to housekeeping and hospitality. Shoot, my grandmother ironed my grandfathers COTTON UNDERSHIRTS, so I have been trained by multiple generations that it’s the little things that make the difference. Things like ironed sheets make you feel like you’re sleeping in a 5 star hotel and helps raise your home to a new level without spending a dime.

If you consider my mother-in-law normal! I don’t care for the ironing, the rest I agree on though! She irons the pillows, sheets, duvet, TWICE! Sure feels good getting into it though! When I lived in Spain my senora would even iron my underwear! I just can’t get into it though!!!

Maybe not normal, but a good housekeeper, wife, and mommy 🙂

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