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One hour, thirteen minutes

Posted on: October 26, 2009

I ran my first (and hopefully not my last) 10K this past Saturday.

It was exhausting.

It was exhilarating.

I hated it.

I loved it.

6.2 miles is the furthers I have ever run.

In. My. Whole. Life.

It was exhausting (did I mention that?!).

It was exhilarating.

Special shout outs to Jonathan for all his continued support, to Jamie for her encouragement to run and Derricca for running the race along side me!

Looks like I’m gonna start training for this run in April ’10.

5 Responses to "One hour, thirteen minutes"

That is VERY exciting, way to go! Will you be running the 8K or half marathon in April? If you ever need anything to keep you busy on runs I’ve enjoyed podcasts from Village Church, Imago Dei, and Mars Hill Church Seattle (I’m a little bias since that last one is my church : ) Enjoy the journey and take good care!

Congrats on your accomplishment Sarah!! 🙂 Maybe you should tri a triathlon… 😉

Katie – I’m doing the half. Jonathan actually just got David Crowder’s newest CD “Church Music”. A-maz-ing. Seriously. But I have thought about podcasts too, so I’ll check out your recommendations.

Leslie – Dude, I am totally considering the Danskin next year. Wanna email me info?

Awesome job Sarah! You do make me laugh – it’s so true that when you decide to do something you go full steam ahead and do it all the way! That’s a good thing though. I suffer from procrastination and trailing motivation 🙂

As for me, I’ve considered the 8k at Drake, but I don’t think I’ll be doing a half quite yet. And I so admire Leslie with her tri and if you do a tri also I will certainly admire you just as much, I just won’t be joining!

Oh just thought of one more fun podcast, This American Life. The downside is you can only download them one at a time as they are played on air. I find that motivating to get me through long runs though, “woo hoo today is a new TAL podcast!”

I’ve done Danskin in Austin, it’s super fun and totally doable after a half marathon. I just looked at the Crowder album on iTunes, looks great!

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