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What I learned the week Jonathan was gone

Posted on: October 3, 2009

*This is a week late, because I forgot to schedule it. Oops.

Jonathan went out of town two Sundays ago for a work conference. He got home around midnight Thursday morning, went back to work at 8am and was gone until 10pm for class. That means, in essence, I’ve been a “single” mom for 5 nights and 4 days. In that seemingly short amount of time I have learned:

– a one-year old can be a bed hog

– a 3-month old can be an even bigger bed hog

– a king size bed can feel small when squished between two small children

– a knee to the back is not how I like waking up

– 4:40 am is really, really, REALLY early – especially when Julia acts like it’s not

– coffee is essential to the well being of my life

– when my children are teenagers, I’m never letting them sleep in – it’ll be my revenge for their younger years

– laughter is key to long life and less stress

– in order to not go crazy, always join in activities, activities, and more activities

– the sound of Jack playing with his tennis ball at 1:30 in the morning sounds an awful lot like a) Julia playing or b) a burglar when a) has been ruled out

– my already high respect for single moms has tripled

– I am so glad the long distance phase of our relationship is over, I disliked it in college and I really dislike it now

– Jonathan is the best husband this girl could ask for

– Julia and Hannah love, love, LOVE their daddy

– I love, love, LOVE their daddy

2 Responses to "What I learned the week Jonathan was gone"

I LOVE, LOVE this post!

I have often thought that I will never let my children sleep in as my revenge…sadly, I already do, tho, b/c it punishes me if I don’t!

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