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Cradle cap, Body Attack, Flying Poo and Packing

Posted on: September 2, 2009

Quite the title, uh? 🙂

Since Mabel was born, she’s had cradle cap. We had it under control for a while last Spring, but since her hair has gotten longer I’ve just sorta stopped caring. It’s a little gross nowadays, cause at this point it looks like dandruff that’s flaking off. Well, last night I figured I’d give it one more go and bought some lotion just for cradle cap. I tried it this afternoon, and it worked pretty well. It took off a majority of the scales and I’m guessing if I keep up with it, she might actually be “flake free”.

This week I started spin/yoga and Body Attack. I took my first spin/yoga class on Monday. Can I just say I had my butt thoroughly worked, literally! It was good, but really hard. And then tomorrow night I have Body Attack. The name alone scares me. 😉 But, I’ve heard it’s really good and a great way to lose weight and tone muscle. I’m all for it then! I’ve got about 5 pounds to pre-baby weight and 15 to my “goal” weight and then 20 to my “ideal goal” weight. Wish me luck!

As for Hannah – I am still impressed with how far she can spit up and poop. Changer be warned if that girl poops while your changing her diaper. You will find that not only does she need a new change of clothes, so do you, the changing table and most likely the wall and carpet. Woo. And the spit up. Wow. It can fly five feet from where I’m standing. It’s pretty impressive. I wonder if they could make an Olympic sport out of it, cause for sure she’d get a gold metal!

We’re heading out to Tennessee this week. Wanna know what? Packing is a big ole pain. Having to pack for myself and two kiddos for a week long trip; making sure the house is clean, we don’t forget anything, we have all necessary toys/blankets/videos/etc to survive is a tad overwhelming. Not to mention that I’ve put off doing much of anything for the trip, making, I am sure, the next two days a little crazy. Ah, alas, that is life.

*Edited: I should also add, that God has really been teaching me to lower my expectations. This is really hard. I am daily having to learn (and re-learn) that having a toddler (who doesn’t nap consistently or well) along with an infant, simply means that nothing productive will get done during the day. I will start lots of things, but they will never, ever actually get finished. Like writing a blog – my average blog writing takes 3+ days. Crazy, I know, but true. I start a blog one day and finish it sometimes several days later.

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Way to go with being content that things just take longer or don’t get done!

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