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A change of seasons

Posted on: August 23, 2009

By far my favorite season is fall. There is a relief from the summer heat, a crispness to the air, a growing warmth to homes. In many ways, I find a newness, a beginning, in fall. Perhaps it is that fall signifies a new school year, or perhaps it is inching closer and closer to the holidays, whatever it may be, I revel in it’s wonder.

The girls are tucked away in bed, Jonathan is out riding his motorcycle and I am sitting on the porch, listening to the crickets call, reading through Midwest Living and enjoying the chill in the air. Apple pie, hot cider, pumpkins and fall leaves are dwelling in my mind. I am daydreaming about a family roadtrip through southern Iowa to see the changing leaves, explore hidden towns and capture memories.

Perhaps that is just it. Fall is like a memory that is ever sweet. Fall speaks of families huddled together around bonfires. Reuniting with friends after a long summer’s break. An ability to enjoy the outdoors more leisurely. Fall speaks of warm pies and my mom’s homemade potpourri. Fall speaks of endless possibilities.

While there is still, deep within me, the desire to move back home to Texas, it would be difficult to part with an Iowan fall. The apple orchards, hay rides, pumpkin patches and cool evening nights. It’s times like this, nights like tonight, that I know, Iowa is and could always be, home.


3 Responses to "A change of seasons"

Oh I totally agree! Fall is SUPER fun in Iowa. No place quite like it really.

While I have yet to experience an Iowa fall (we’re always visiting in the summer) I COMPLETELY agree about the fall season. It makes m long for long trail rides in the woods ablaze with color and outings with the whole family to the local orchards and even a sheep farm for a fall festival. It makes me want to take my dog for a long walk in the woods and of course, it reminds me of the day my husband asked me to marry him four years ago on the woodland trail at Fall Creek Falls in late October. By the way, now I KNOW we’re going to have a great time when we get together because Jeremy is a motorcycle rider as well. Can’t wait to watch our guys exchange bike stories!

[…] is wonderful. While I admit fall is my favorite season, there is something so promising about spring. The winter is over, the snow has melted, flowers […]

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