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Regression, it ain’t so pretty

Posted on: May 26, 2009

I’ve been mentally preparing myself for Julia to regress in a lot of areas once Dubya Dos arrives. Because of that, we’ve not been pushing her to potty train or nap in her toddler bed. But at the beginning of this month, she started asking to nap in her bed rather than the crib, so we let her. And things went beautifully. Then, more and more she began telling us when she needed to go potty (especially poopy) and things went beautifully. 

Then we decided to remodel the house. 

And Julia decided to regress. 

Potty training is sorta hit or miss these days. I have two theories for this:

1. She’s starting to understand the sensation for peeing, so instead of concentrating on the pooping, she’s too focused on the peeing (before it was opposite).

2. She’s a tad freaked out about all the new changes and life (aka routine) has been a little off.

Once we moved her into her new room, she was sleeping full time in her toddler bed. But, slowly, she’s started getting up too soon during naps. Well, rather, she’s just never falling asleep. I’ve been letting it slide because:

1. She was getting up to alert me that she needed to pee (and just never would lay back down).

2. She’s reaching that just-needs-one-nap age and I wasn’t sure when she actually wanted to sleep.

But after spending an entire week with an exhausted toddler, I’ve buckled down. Since she’s still waking up oh-too-early, I’ve figured she needs to lay down between 10-11. I’m fine with one nap a day (then slowly pushing the time back to early afternoon), but not no naps a day. Today has been our first day of force napping. I spent a good 45 minutes going into her room, disciplining and putting her back in her bed. The last round, she actually came out of her room (the door doesn’t actually shut) asking to go pee. I let her, then put her straight back to bed. That was almost 15-20 minutes ago and so far it’s been silent. My prayer is that whatever new, good habits we establish between now and when Dubya Dos arrives will actually stick!

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