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Proverbs 31, or Why I love Fareway

Posted on: April 20, 2009

I’ve never viewed myself as a Proverbs 31 wife. I read though the passages and find myself faced with a woman who seems completely above all. Stays up late working, gets up early to prepare for the day, is always joyful, laughs at every worry, the definition of resourcefulness. Me. Yep, I’m not touching that with a ten foot pole. I really desire to be like her. I want to bring joy and peace to my household, be a helpmate to Jonathan, but I just don’t find myself matching up to her.

Yet God is gracious. I might not be able to get up before my family, buy and sell property, but, but I can find some good deals on groceries.

Since the beginning of March I’ve been trying to be more resourceful and mindful of my grocery shopping. I’ve been going through the local store ads, buying items in advance when they’re on sale, and buying more bulk for freezing. I’ve had some hits and misses, some days of thinking “Man, I just wanna go to Wal-Mart” but I think I’ve found my groove. All thanks to one little store – Fareway. The Fareway closest to my house has some amazing deals on produce. Like, wow amazing. For example, last week I bought 12 zucchini for $2. They were on their last leg, but cut ’em up, freeze ’em and bam!, you’ve got yourself cheap, good zucchini to steam for future dinners.

What makes me laugh most of all is just how much God cares about details.

Back in February I put our Food Saver up on Craigslist. Never once have I used this saver. It’s in mint condition with all the tubes, bags, etc. Guess how many people emailed me. Zero. Seriously, not a one.

Well, today I was prepping some green beans to freeze when I remembered, or rather God reminded me, that I have this uber cool food saver. I got it out, dusted it off, read the instructions and gave it a whirl. Whoa mama! I love this thing! What have I been missing? Hello?!? Amazing contraption. For real.

So, I might not fit every verse of Proverbs 31, but I must say God’s grace has been pretty great in showing me that I’m still doing a good job of caring for my family.

5 Responses to "Proverbs 31, or Why I love Fareway"

Sarah…wow great deal! It always means so much to me when the Lord gives me good deals. It’s like He’s giving me a gift…something He knew would be special to me.

So I’m assuming the Fareway closest to you is the one in NL? I love Fareway. I rarely buy produce anywhere else, although I did recently discover that Wal-Mart has a good deal on organic carrots. I’m super excited that Fareway just reduced the price of the Mom’s Best Naturals cereals down to $2/box again.

Anyway, cool story about the FoodSaver. Funny how things like that work! 🙂

I *heart* Fareway!!

I know how you feel – sometimes I feel like I do a really crummy job prepping our suppers. My DH enjoys cooking on rare occasions and when he does he really goes all out. I asked him one time if that meant he’d rather eat like that all the time and he said, “No way babe! I love your meals.” That really gives me a lift, even when I cook something as plain as spaghetti and salad. I’ll tell you though, I find such satisfaction in my role as keeper of our home. Even in the mundane, bathroom cleaning, dishwasher running, putting away clean clothes, etc. etc. etc. there is true joy. God bless Fareway for you Iowans and God bless Aldi for me!

One last note – for you flower loving bargain hunters, head to your local Lowe’s store and head to the back of the garden center. On Monday mornings at our local Lowe’s store, they put broken bags of fertilizer, mulch, potting soil, etc. and any plants that might need just a little TLC or are past blooming back there at MAJOR markdowns. I found some pansies there last week for .50 per quart and they had been $3 or $4! Gotta’ love it…

I love Fareway too. It drives me nuts when I don’t have time to go there an pay $2/lb for an onion at HyVee. I seriously almost can’t do it, cancel my plans, and drive to Fareway.

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