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I could never

Posted on: March 28, 2009

I heard this program earlier this week on NPR that was talking about frugality in our changing economic times. Anywho, they had a journalist from Chicago who has posed the question “What could/would you never sell, no matter what?” to her newspaper readers. 

It got me thinking. What would I never part with? 

This is a hard question for me. Mostly because I think I realize that as much sentimental value an item has, it won’t ever last. And truth be told, I own nothing that I wouldn’t sell if it meant feeding/sheltering/caring for my family. Geez, push come to shove, and I’d probably be willing to give ya an organ. 

However, if asked what would be the hardest thing(s) to part with I think I’d have to say:

– my wedding/engagement bands

– my super old, super ratty childhood stuffed animal, Buttcat (yes, his name really is Buttcat and I’m pretty certain this would be Jonathan’s number one choice of the first items we’d sell if he thought for a second anyone would actually pay us for it)


What about you? Are there certain items you own that you could never part with, or would have a super hard time giving up?

3 Responses to "I could never"

Firstly, let me say that I stand in awe that you still have preserved Buttcat’s life til this day. I can only imagine his appearance at this point is at least somewhat shabbier than when I last saw him. And, in my day he wasn’t winning any cat shows… LOL I would definitely agree about my wedding rings being hard to part with. I would rank my animals up in the top 5 as well. I’m also thinking it would be mighty hard to sell my Bible.

Sarah, I can say that Buttcat is probably not the prettiest looking cat on the block. In fact, Jonathan refuses to call him a cat. He refers to him as “that thing”. He’s holding up all the same, mostly because he doesn’t get much use anymore. I’ve introduced him to Julia, but she’s not as smitten as I was as a kid. So, for now, he just hangs out with her other stuffed animals. Sorta like velveteen rabbit.

Can you show me Buttcat tonight? Sounds like a must-see. 🙂

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