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I really don’t post this much….

Posted on: March 18, 2009

Seriously, I normally take one afternoon/evening when I’m feeling talkative and write like 100 posts (ok, ok, maybe not that many) and schedule them all out. Anywho, this week all the posts missed their schedules, so I had to go in a manually update them. The whole point is so I don’t have to log on, but whatever.

Well, this post is in real time.  We took some pictures of Julia in her St. Patty’s Day outfit. Note: She had on a really cute green dress earlier in the day. But, she took off her diaper during her nap and well… let’s just say we had to change outfits… and her bedding.


Signing "more".

Signing "more".

Signing "eat"

Signing "eat".

Signing "please", which is also trying to say when she signs.

Signing "please", which is also trying to say when she signs.

Signing "all done". She

Signing "all done". She gotten really lazy about using both arms, despite our best efforts to reinforce it.

2 Responses to "I really don’t post this much…."

This is so cute! Since starting my degree in deaf education before changing majors I am convinced to teach Bode to sign. However, I am teaching Bo first so he can help! How many signs did you teach her. I read to only teach them about 25 basic signs or it can cause them to be slow talkers if they sign everything. Thoughts?

Amber- she also does thank you and a few other signs but they are more ones that she’s made up and not actual signs. I love having her sign because it’s really helped us be able to communicate. I’ve heard that it can deal speech, but I’m not convinced that that’s true. Plus I figure so long as they can communicate and you can understand them then there’s no harm. I know my doctor expressed some concerns at Julia’s 1 year appointment, but I’m not worried. She’ll talk in due time!

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