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I’m one lucky lady

Posted on: March 16, 2009

So, here’s my confession. 

I’m spoiled.


I really am far more blessed than I deserve. I have a very, very loving husband, a daughter that is a true delight and… a brand new oven!

Yesterday, Jonathan took Mabel for a walk so that I could finish making tortillas for house church. He called me to let me know that he had found an oven at Best Buy (we live really close to the mall) for a super good deal and if I’d want it for my birthday. Oh baby, would I ever!

See, our house was built in 1989. I really do love just about everything about the house; the location, the windows, the backyard, the layout, etc. However, I am not a fan of appliances built in 1989. Our oven works, and therefore I can’t complain, but boy have I been dreaming about a new one. Since we moved in 2+ years ago, we’ve slowly started buying new appliances; washer/dryer, dishwasher. And now an oven! It’s stainless steel, with a glass top stove. Everything is push button (our old one was a dial) and it even has a working timer! Oh, and the best part: When something needs to be cooked at 350, you really can cook it at 350. Not 325 or 375 or even 300, because this oven actually knows what 350 means!!

This morning, while everyone was still snoozing, I made some banana muffins. Julia woke up right as I was putting them in the oven, so she got to watch them cook (since our cool oven has a window and a light!). She was pretty excited.

dsc_0063 dsc_0068

4 Responses to "I’m one lucky lady"

WOO HOO! We’re planning to move sometime soon (whatever that means) and we’re holding tight with our Craigslist washer and dryer and our appliances that DH bought when he remodeled the house almost 10 years ago. But I’m like you, everything works well and it might not be the newest kid on the block BUT I don’t have to chop wood to start a fire in my cast iron oven and wait for it to heat up while I boil water over the fire in my fireplace and go out to bring in the laundry from the line in the backyard and get my washtub out to start that process all over again and don’t forget to bring in water from the well so I can wash the dirty dishes after breakfast in the wash pan… need I go on?!? Anyway, congrats and enjoy! Happy Birthday a few days early! SP

YEAH!!!!! I am soooo happy for you. Nothing makes me smile more than new appliances for my baby girl. Happy birthday. And by the way, I got a new dishwasher today!!

Love you,

Fun! Our Hawkeye Court no-window mini-ovens have made me really appreciate the luxuries of a window and a light. Sigh…someday my oven will understand temperature settings…
What a great gift and a thoughtful guy!

Love those muffins muffin.

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