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Lent and accountability

Posted on: February 27, 2009

I’ve never practiced Lent. In fact, I’m not even sure “practice” is the right term. Having grown up in the South, the only people I ever knew who observed Lent were Catholics. And I shamefully admit, I didn’t meet a Catholic till I was 15. I was surrounded only by Southern Baptist, Assembly of God, Latter Day Saints and a very few Methodists – all of whom, to my knowledge, never observed Lent. 

However, since moving to Iowa I’ve heard more and more about Lent. Part of me is intrigued, seeing it as a way to honor God. Another part of me wonders why we need a set time to fast, pray and draw closer to our Lord. 

In 2006, I gave up chocolate for an entire year. I allowed myself 5 days during that time to “enjoy” something chocolatey (all the dates were pre-set). I did it for two reasons; 1) I wanted to prove that I could and 2) I knew it was a stronghold in my life – something that I allowed to rule over me. The following year I started eating chocolate again, because I knew that we’d be trying to get pregnant and the last thing I wanted to deprive myself of was chocolate. 

But, I think I need to give it up for this pregnancy. I’ve caught myself numerous times overindulging and blaming it on being pregnant, when really it’s a lack of self-control.

Yesterday was my first “no chocolate” day. I did great, I had no chocolate. But I treated myself to an overabundance of cheese cake bars (graciously given to us by Travis and Shari). Hmm… not good (the overeating, not the bars – the bars were amazing…). So last night I decided that for the rest of my pregnancy (YIKES!) I will give up sweets. There are some predefined rules:

1. I am allowed sweets (in any form) on my birthday in March.

2. I am allowed all natural sweets (honey, agave, etc) so long as they are not in traditional “sweeties” form (i.e. cakes, cookies, etc). In other words, I can still put honey in my yogurt or with my peanut butter and crackers.

3. When feeling tempted beyond control (which honestly seems to happen a lot) to get something sweet, especially chocolate, I will turn to God. I will ask Him for self-control and patience.

I’m announcing my new goal so that everyone will feel free to hold me to my word. I am totally serious about this. Please, ask me at anytime over the next 16+ weeks if I am actually keeping my “fast”. I need people to call me out and hold me accountable, otherwise I will fail miserably.

So mark your calendars! If Dubya Dos arrives on time, then I have 109 days left of no sweets. Call me up, email me, or ask me in person how it’s coming and if you see me tripping up, feel free to call me out!!

3 Responses to "Lent and accountability"

you’re a stud! way to go!

You’ve inspired me! No coke till baby comes. I love you babe!

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