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Finding joy in motherhood, Part 3

Posted on: February 20, 2009

Can I just say single moms amaze me? Never, ever could I raise Julia without Jonathan. I can’t even begin to fathom the idea. Kinda like the thought of eternity, my mind just can’t grasp it.

Jonathan makes me laugh. A lot. He has a sense of humor that is completely off the wall, and fits me to a tee. One of the greatest things about him, is that he usually sees a funnier side to things. He is willing to be a goof in order to lighten up the situation. He laughs even if something really isn’t funny, but it forces you to see just how ridiculous the something was to begin with.

In my opinion, an essential part of mothering is having a father who fathers. A man who doesn’t care that he’s worked all day, that his favorite NBA team is playing, that he has read Goodnight Moon a million times this week, but is willing to show love to his kids.

I didn’t have the best relationships with my dad or stepdad. I don’t recall having consistency between us, and even to this day I feel a little awkward talking on the phone, or even in person, to my dad. I was always envious of those girls who had the dad of all dads. You know the ones, they got flowers signed “Love, Dad”, had daddy-daughter dates, or received phone calls “from dad, just saying I love you.”

But I have to admit, Jonathan makes up to Julia, what I lacked in a father. He delights in her, takes pride in her, and down right thinks she’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. He truly is a daddy.

God’s foundation of family is meant to stay complete. Death, of course, does separate it. But over the past century divorce has moved in at an alarming rate, tearing families apart, separating daughters from daddies, sons from mothers. And in this, a lot of joy has been robbed from moms, who now find themselves faced with single parenting. The biggest problem is, women alone can’t raise a child. Sure, I spend more time with Julia, and in some ways know her better. But Jonathan is essential in her life. At times, even more than me. 

So, for all us married with children, let’s rejoice in our spouses! Let us thank God for the man that he gave us. Let us find joy in knowing that even if they absolutely HATE changing those poopy diapers, they absolutely LOVE us and our children.

2 Responses to "Finding joy in motherhood, Part 3"

Great post Sarah. While Jeremy and I don’t have children yet and truly aren’t planning to anytime in the near future, I revel in the reality that he wants to be a father to out future children. He has already praised me as being a great potential mom (let’s hope I can live up to that someday!) and the way he plays with our nieces and nephews gives me a glimpse into our future. May we never take for granted the love of a godly man in our lives and may our husbands always take the similitude of their fatherhood from our Heavenly Father Who is full of grace, mercy, justice, and love. All the best, SP

amen sista’!

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