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God makes me laugh

Posted on: January 31, 2009

A few weeks ago we established that I’m a bull and that God is more concerned about my heart and will being wholly His then anything else. Once I came to terms with not having an ultrasound I was pretty much on board. I just moved on. No need to dwell, just realize everything will be fine.

We went for my 20 week check up on Thursday. The hospital rotates all ob patients through the midwives, so that you have at least met and feel comfortable with each one. This appointment I met with one of the midwives that did not schedule my original ultrasound. She was pretty shocked that BCBS refused to cover it and told me to call to see if there was any confusion on their part about the diagnosis code. So that afternoon I called once again to BCBS, not at all hopeful and not at all expecting anything but “no”.

Turns out, Julia’s ultrasound was coded differently then Dubya Dos’, and Dubya Dos’ ultrasound was/is covered. At the suggestion of the midwife, I called back up to the hospital to schedule for the first ultrasound I could (not out of worry on her part, she just suggested the sooner the better). They scheduled me for yesterday late afternoon.

You know, normally I am one to get really excited and anxious about things, especially something as important as seeing my babies. But for whatever God reason, the situation didn’t seem to even phase me and it wasn’t until we were on the drive there that I actually started to get really excited. My soul was at peace and I realized that just because I was “getting my way” it didn’t mean anything more than that God is good and desires to bless.

When the tech led us back to the ultrasound room, Jonathan asked if she’d be performing the sonogram. She said that she was just a student and would only be sitting in watching the sono tech. We, well actually Jonathan, told the tech we weren’t finding out the sex, so to not even tempt us by asking. She was sweet and said that she wouldn’t give anything away. And thus began our ultrasound. The tech checked everything out, let us see Dubya Dos’ hands, feet, beating heart, spine, face, etc. She informed us that everything looked great and that Dubya Dos is 1 pound (same as Julia, so I’m wondering if s/he will be her size when born). After about 15 minutes she asked if I would mind if the student could take over for a while. The student spent another 15 minutes letting us see Dubya Dos, who at this point must have know s/he was on display because s/he was going to town with moving around, kicking and squirming. At one point the tech said “Sarah, I’m sorry this is taking so long, I hope you don’t mind.” I laughed. “Mind watching my baby? I’d stay here for hours if you’d let me!”. 

In the end, it turned out that we got to stay way longer than I imagined we would, spending well over 30 minutes watching Dubya Dos. We left with some really amazing pictures, that in all honesty, were even better than Julia’s. Dubya Dos is learning already to be a ham for the camera. 🙂 It was pretty awesome, but not nearly as awesome as God allowing my desire to be fulfilled. He makes me laugh, because He knows me inside and out. He knows just how far to push, just how to grab my attention so that it is constantly on Him and not this world. He is truly good.

2 Responses to "God makes me laugh"

sara that is great- glad you got to have a u/s!

It’s so cool how when you let go and allow God to move you get the desires of your heart. Good lesson sis.

Love you,

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