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On to number two!

Posted on: January 5, 2009

I think it’s funny how little you meditate on, dream about, and talk about pregnancies after your first. I think it has a lot to do with the newness not being the same, or the fact that you (or at least me) seem to be way to tired and busy to stop and really enjoy being pregnant. Ok, ok, I admitted it. I am one of those crazy ladies who actually enjoys being pregnant. Sure, the sickness isn’t all that great, but all the same, there is a tender wonder in having a child growing inside you and I just love it.

At any rate, we’ve scheduled our ultrasound for the 29th. We naturally wanted to find out with Julia whether we were having a boy or girl. We thought it only natural so we could plan and choose names, etc. However, this time around Jonathan is wanting to wait. He has good reasons why (babe – you can post them in the comments if you want), but again I want to know. I feel like with Julia, it allowed me to form an attachment with her. We called her by her name, I sang her her song (Julia by The Beatles), and daydreamed about what it was going to be like to have a daughter.

What do you think? Should we find out? I set up a poll on the left hand side of the blog so you can give your opinion. Also, even if you think we should or shouldn’t find out, what would you do (or have done)? Did you like (or would you like) knowing or not knowing?

8 Responses to "On to number two!"

We didn’t peek with the first two, but did with the third. It has it’s pros and cons. (I was sure I was having another boy and was getting ready to get rid of all my girl hand-me-downs, so I’m glad we peeked!) I found that it made me less patient with the delivery b/c I already knew it was a girl and I was just ready to be done. With the other two, I had some anticipation of not knowing – so, it was different.

I wanted to find out with both of my kids (more with the first). Since Dan didn’t want to though, we didn’t. I will say, it is a wonderful feeling when they tell you the gender! I agree with the previous comment that it adds some anticipation to things, both for you, and everyone around you.

we found out with both boys, which I am glad we did. The first was not even an issue on whether or not to find out & the second it was mentioned whether or not to find out but in the end we definitely wanted to know, but I definitely want it to be a surprise next time around. Not hubby though, so he may take a peek and know or he may just be up for the surprise!

I have heard that some couples who can’t decide/agree have the ultrasound tech write down the sex and seal it in an envelope. I think that’s a pretty good compromise if you can’t decide before your appointment.

-Alicia S.

Okay, I have to weigh in on this one. Of course, we did not have the luxury of ultrasounds the way they are done now when I was pregnant with you and the older kids. There really wasn’t a choice. However, I am ever so glad that I didn’t know. Had I known I was going to have another boy after Lincoln I might have hung myself. And the anticipation of the gender when I had you was exquisitely wonderful as testified by Marsa crying at the delivery, “I’m sooo glad it’s not another boy!!!!” With Fletch I wanted to know. I’m not sure why. Possibly because Hillman wanted to know. With John I had been reading ultrasounds long enough that when I looked at the screen it was at exactly the time he opened his legs and well…… John Clark, not Aubry Madison. There are pros and cons on both sides but the biggest pro is the excitement of hearing the MD (midwife) yell it’s a ….. What a delight! Just ask Marsa.


I most definitely like knowing boy or girl, just so we’re able to plan. I LOVED knowing several months before he was born that I had a son on the way. I liked being able to say “Ben’s kicking you again, isn’t he?”

If Ben had been a girl, I would have loved getting ready to be a little girl’s daddy (and planning how to fend off the boys later…:) ).

well, you would have time to garage sale if you waited… that way you would have done it both ways and could know for yourself what it means to be surprised early and surprised later…. now i can make a decision and know that i’ve done it both ways and can honestly say that i enjoyed knowing before johnny was born. with belle it was fun to know she was a girl- but then she was in the icu and it was a rough couple of days. i wasn’t really able to enjoy the surprise, just wanted my baby to be healthy. but either way, go with your gut and be confident in your decision… it is you who has to birth the lil one! 🙂

i personally LOVE LOVE knowing! When we found out with simeon- i feel like we always will because people ask about simeon- they know him by name.. they prayed for him by name- i loved knowing the twins were boy/girl- and i love knowing that this one is a girl- i feel like it prepares our hearts too for whats to come. there are plenty of surprises i think anyways! 🙂 but this is my opinion! 🙂

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