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But I thought women loved shoes

Posted on: October 27, 2008

Last winter and spring Julia never wore shoes. She was barely sitting up on her own, so I figured there was no need. Then the summer rolled around, she started crawling, pulling herself up, and walking with assistance. Still, I figured it was too hot to wear shoes (as I hardly even wore them) so we went shoeless.

Fall has fully arrived and with it comes the need for shoes. However, convincing Julia that she needs them seems to be a daunting task. Every time she wears her shoes she screams for a good few minutes, tugging at them, nearly begging for them to come off. Eventually she is distracted and doesn’t seem as bothered by them, but without fail, she will at some point notice them and freak out yet again. Hmm… This was not an issue I foresaw when doing research on when to introduce shoes.

3 Responses to "But I thought women loved shoes"

So much fun – Graeme was super easy – never cared what I wore on him – but both my girls are uber picky. Blaire Rose is super sensitive to the seam in socks and doesn’t like long sleeves – and Paige goes back and forth on what she prefers. It can be a battle to get her to wear something, but then she’ll realize how much she likes it and wants to wear it everyday – *whew* – who knew they would all have their own personalities? LOL

Ben acted like I put lead weights on his feet whenever we tried on shoes, but as he began to get better at walking they didn’t bother him as much. He just recently started walking with them.


[…] Hannah turned 1 two weeks ago. It was an amazing time of fellowship with our friends and family. Having her turn 1 seems far more surreal than with Julia. Now that Hannah is getting older, that just means Julia is getting even older. A very bittersweet feeling. As for The Bear, she’s a walking machine. From her first step, it took her a few weeks to really gain confidence – but now – now she wiggles out of my arms until I put her down so she can walk. She refuses to wear shoes, which doesn’t surprise me in the least given Julia’s original reaction to them. […]

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