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Info on the blog above

Posted on: October 15, 2008

Jonathan and I found out Thursday night that we are indeed pregnant! I am only about 5 weeks along, so things are just beginning. We have our first appointment with our midwife on October 24th. Over the last few days, I’ve been experiencing morning (rather, all day) sickness and fatigue. I can’t say that the fatigue is just because of the new baby, as much as the fact that Julia is becoming more and more mobile and keeping me on my toes.

Please keep us in your prayers: that this pregnancy goes smoothly and babe and I stay healthy, that any fears that might arise in me stay at bay, that our family continues to trust in God through all things.

We’ll keep you updated as Baby Dubya Dos progresses!

3 Responses to "Info on the blog above"

AHH!!! Congrats!! I will be praying for you and this new little one!

Yay!! Luke and I are SO excited for you! Congratulations! I guess I’ll need to give you some of those clothes back that you leant me! Yay!!

~Holly Anderson

WHAT!! OMG! Congrats!

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