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I waited 4 years, for this?

Posted on: September 30, 2008

It can’t be denied, that when you wait for something, it tends to pay off. Sometimes, sometimes, however, it back fires.

I haven’t eaten McDonald’s for four years. I went on a McD’s fast/boycott after watching Super Size Me. Then from there, I slowly cut out more and more fast food restaurants.

Until this past weekend.

Jonathan, Julia and I went to Tennessee. On Saturday we woke up and decided to grab a good filling breakfast. Now, I haven’t been to Tennessee in a few years, but I could have sworn that there were a few breakfast places in town, yet we could not find a single one.

We went to Wal-Mart resolved to pick up some fruit, yogurt and juice. As we passed by the in-house McDonald’s Jonathan remarks on stopping there. I flatly said no, we’d surely regret it. But, by the time we were leaving (good foods in hand) we decided we’d just get one of their chicken biscuits.

One bite. That’s all it took. One bite to ask myself: I waited four years, for this?

The biscuit was dry, the chicken overly greasy – as it shot grease on the side of my face when I bit into it. Complete let down.

Lesson learned. Now, not only do I boycott McDonald’s because one morning sandwich is 20 grams of fat (perhaps that’s why I felt sick all day?!), but they are also fail in the tasty category.

So long McDonald’s. Fare thee well, may we never meet again.

1 Response to "I waited 4 years, for this?"

oh man! while i haven’t eaten there in quite a while, i’m not sure i can say goodbye quite yet! it is quite nice to get some fast food when we are headed to jason’s parents house. plus, it is about 20-30 minutes of distraction for Belle when she is eating in the car. i’m not a fan of all of their food, but i sure do like a double cheeseburger every once and a while! 🙂

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