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One! Uno! Eins! Un! Um! I love the number 1!

Posted on: August 14, 2008

Why, oh why, would I love the number one?

I am one pound away from my pre-Julia weight!!!

Rock and roll, baby!

Man, this makes me feel like doing a victory dance. Or maybe I should do a victory run?!

4 Responses to "One! Uno! Eins! Un! Um! I love the number 1!"

Congrats indeed!!!! (I’ll go running with ya if you want!) I got there temporarily after being sick with a bug for 2 weeks last year, but not since… though I still keep my license at that pre-babies weight, :)!

Way to go, little mama! Be careful not to overindulge on tortilla goodness while Jonathan’s Grandma is here!


Dana – I might just have to take you up on that offer! Ambre and I went once to a Sunday morning run that takes place here in Coralville. Would you be interested?

Ambre – I know! I sent like half our food home with our guests tonight just to keep it away from me. We need to find different mix, so keep your eyes out.

DRINK LOTS OF WATER! 1 Lb? You are there! You go girl!!! ~K

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