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100 things about me

Posted on: August 9, 2008

I got this idea from another blog I read and figured that I too, in keeping with tradition, would write a list of 100 things about myself in honor of my 100th post.

1. Mint chocolate is my favorite.
2. I would eat pizza every day if I thought that in any way it would be a good idea.
3. I am from the South.
4. The True South.
5. The True South being below the Mason-Dixon Line.
6. But sometimes I wish I was more Southern.
7. I miss my Southern accent.
8. At least I can make amazing (in my husband’s opinion) fried chicken.
9. I really dislike hot weather.
10. But I love Texas (especially Austin).
11. Go figure.
12. I think my husband is the funniest man ever.
13. I fell in love with him on a trip to Italy.
14. But I didn’t admit it for another year.
15. Now I admit it.
16. All the time.
17. I went to UT – Austin.
18. I wear that fact like a badge of honor.
19. I loved my time at college.
20. It was a really hard adjustment moving to Iowa.
21. Really hard.
22. But now I love it.
23. And I would be willing to stay here forever.
24. Although I hope God sends us to the East Coast.
25. Perhaps New York.
26. I could be a New Yorker.
27. At least I like to think so.
28. I try really hard to have people like me.
29. I say and act like I don’t.
30. But I really do.
31. My favorite time of the day is morning.
32. It’s my time to snuggle in bed with Jonathan and Julia.
33. And Jack.
34. My dog.
35. That is treated more like a human than a dog.
36. I know that might be crazy to some people.
37. But I’m that “kind of” dog owner.
38. And I like it.
39. My daughter is the cutest girl I know.
40. I love being her mother.
41. Lots and lots.
42. Even though it kicks my butt.
43. Like all the time.
44. Bath time with Julia cracks me up.
45. I want to always keep a sense of humor.
46. Especially when it comes to motherhood.
47. I love a house filled with laughter.
48. I want to be a Mexican mamacita.
49. You know, the ones that make awesome food.
50. And have lots of babes.
51. Christ is the rock of my life.
52. Without Him I would be nothing.
53. I am grateful that He pursued me,
54. Long before I pursued Him.
55. I am grateful that He gives me grace,
56. And mercy,
57. And love abounding.
58. God is amazing.
59. And I looking longingly for the day I will meet my Savior.
60. It will be awesome.
61. And terrifying,
62. Realizing just how imperfect I am,
63. And just how perfect God is.
64. But mostly seeing Him will just be awesome.
65. I try to read my Bible daily.
66. I fail pretty often at it.
67. I like snacking on granola.
68. I use to make fun of “granola people”.
69. Now I aspire to be one.
70. I enjoy watching TV.
71. More than I should.
72. Which is why we don’t have cable.
73. We did just get the Seinfeld series.
74. That has been a lot of fun.
75. I wish my life could be like a Seinfeld episode.
76. I have traveled to Europe.
77. Twice.
78. I’ve been proposed to.
79. Twice.
80. Both times in Europe.
81. The first time it was by a Hungarian.
82. He was old.
83. And drunk.
84. And smelled of cigarette smoke.
85. I said no.
86. But it made me laugh.
87. The second time was by Jonathan.
88. It was in Paris.
89. At Pont Neuf.
90. I said yes.
91. And it made me cry.
92. Happy tears.
93. I love Paris.
94. I wish I could live there too.
95. I would eat cheese and bread.
96. And drink wine every day.
97. I would walk hand in hand with Jonathan,
98. As our kids ran around in the markets,
99. Speaking French and laughing.
100. I like to day dream.

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I really enjoyed this blog. Thanks for sharing. I love you!

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