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Monkey see, monkey do

Posted on: July 10, 2008

A lot has changed in me since I had Julia. The way I think and act are all being affected by the idea that this little person is watching me and making her opinions on the world based on my actions. Whoa, that in of itself is a lot to take in, but we aren’t going that deep.

Anyways, I really, really, really don’t like mushrooms. Like really. And I am of the opinion that since I have given them a try several times and each time have disliked them, then I am free to continue disliking them forever.

But then about 4 months ago the thought hit me that if I don’t like mushrooms, Julia most likely won’t like mushrooms. You know, monkey see, monkey do. If it’s good enough for mama, it’s good enough for me. So I set out to start eating mushrooms. Now, I’m not going for full out enjoyment of mushrooms, but rather not picking them out of food. **Disclaimer – Because my mama raised me as a good Southern girl, never, ever in my life have I actually picked out mushrooms when I was served them at someone else’s house. That is a major no-no. Just wanted to throw that in there in case mom is reading this!**

Twice now I have cooked with mushrooms. First time I made spaghetti with the canned mushrooms. Bad idea. Very bad. Seeing as my whole complaint is that mushrooms are slimy and rubbery, the last way I want them is soaked in a gross juice to make them even more slimy and nasty. Needless to say, I gagged through most of the meal. And truth be told I did pick out most of them to pass along to Jonathan.

However, I attempted using them yet again tonight when I made veggie pizza. This time I got fresh mushrooms. The recipe called for steaming all the veggies, but I thought “Hmmm… that would make the mushrooms slimy, so let’s not do that.” Instead, I just cut them up and added them along side the onions. And you know what, I ate all of them!

Sometimes I can trick myself into not thinking about what I am eating and just down it and move on (again, those good Southern graces), but tonight I consciously thought “That is a mushroom and I am going to eat it.” Perhaps it helped that they were smothered in cheese, sauce and along side my favorite veggies. But all the same, I am paving a path for my mushroom eating ways.

Next food to conquer: coconut.

5 Responses to "Monkey see, monkey do"

I feel the same way about tomatoes! I like mushrooms ok if they are prepared correctly/ ABSOLUTELY NO CANNED SHROOMS!! YUCK I like them fresh, thinly sliced. no big chunks of them thank you! Good for you for still trying to eat them.

Ugh, I hate em too, my whole life.

Then this lady I married grew up “hunting” them. (which I find odd, because that term implies that they have a chance of escape) So I’ve eventually come to eat the occasional morel, but only deep fried.

Actually, if you get a vegan or vegetarian pizza with shitake mushrooms on it, that aint so bad either.

Well, I am glad to see I am not the only one who dislikes ‘shrooms. And Tony, I will admit I find the term “hunting” quite odd too when it involves looking for mushrooms. In my mind I invision all the mushrooms running from spot to spot while evil humans scan the area for helpless victims.

Way to go Sarah! Whenever I hear of adults not liking things like onions, peppers, mushrooms, I have always wondered if kids are going to do the same. For me as a kid, I always hated such things until I was 22 or so and learned to cook, now i love them. However, one of ours kids still freaks everytime he has to eat a mushroom, so these things take time, :)!

However, shitake mushrooms should be everyone’s first mushroom experience. It has this thing, a type of taste sense called “oomami” (sp) that they naturally have in them stronger than regular mushrooms and gives it an amazing flavor, similar to tomatoes, soy sauces and parmigiano reggiano cheese, etc. Just something I learned recently on NPR, :)!

I can eat an entire can of mushrooms, cold. They’re inferior to fresh, but I think it’s a nice snack. 🙂


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