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To cloth or not to cloth

Posted on: June 6, 2008

Because I am a self declared crazy woman, I’ve started looking into cloth diapers. Fitted, liners, doublers, covers, prefolds – Indian or Chinese. It’s quite overwhelming. But, nonetheless, in an attempt to be environmentally and economically friendly, cloth is becoming quite appealing. Until today…

Julia had a blowout. All up her back. Yum.

So, here I am, stripping her down in the bathroom, running her under the facet, and laughing at just how funny this must look to anyone who’s not a mom. Afterward, I started cleaning up her onesie in the sink. And at some point I thought “Ah, so this is what cloth dipaers will be like. Washing out poo in the sink with my hands.”

I’ve found an online diaper store that sells “trial kits” for us parents who aren’t quite sold on washing pee and poo on a tri-weekly bases, but are thinking about it. The start up costs are a little hefty, however, if the average cloth diaper really does last 3-5 years, that’s pretty good. Yet, it’s nice to just throw away everything and not think twice. Which makes me come to an impasse of to cloth or not to cloth. If we do it, we’ll try it next month, budget allowing.

So there maybe some interesting diaper stories soon to come here in the Windham house…

2 Responses to "To cloth or not to cloth"

You should definitely go for it! (this response is mostly selfish as I am definitely using cloth when the time comes and it would be really nice to have someone in the know to give me good tips! 🙂 )

I, of course, had children before the advent of disposable. Therefore, I am an excellent source from which to draw. Cloth diapers are easy on the baby only if you change them frequently. The disposable ones wick better. Cloth diapers are not necessarily envionmently more friendly. You have to wash them frequently and that uses alot of valuable water, energy and produces ground chemicals.

I researched all this when Fletch was born. Hillman and I started out to California with an 8 week old in cloth diapers. All was well until he had a “blowout” somewhere between Albuquerque and the Grand Canyon. The change of heart came at light speed. The cloth diaper that sustained the most damage was wrapped up, and thrown in a roadside can from a speeding car. Then we stopped at the next minimart, purchased some huggies (no Hillman did not rob the minimart) and never looked back. Make up your own mind of course but take it from a seasoned pro, don’t travel with cloth!

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