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To swaddle or not to swaddle, that is the question

Posted on: March 4, 2008

I’m sure most everyone who has gotten to see Julia either right before or after bedtime has seen her in her baby burrito (tightly wrapped blankets that turn any baby into a cute little burrito). For the last 3 months the baby burrito has been a true blessing. She sleeps so soundly and it helped a great deal when her tummy was hurting so much. However, the burrito is turning sour.

Julia, being too smart for her own good, has picked up on what our bedtime/naptime rituals are, and has taken to fighting us when we swaddle her. She’ll arch her back, kick, cry, wiggle, anything just to keep from being swaddled. Only thing is, she can’t sleep without it. Hmmm… I see a problem here. She has even started doing acrobats in her sleep and so she wakes up completely unswaddled after a few hours (and on the opposite side of the crib), thus going from a 6-7 hours a night sleeper, to 4-5 hours. It seems like every time I go into her room at night now her little left hand and arm are waving free. I secretly think she thinks it’s a game: Let’s see how long it takes me to get out of this one. She’s a little Houdini.

Last week during nap time I would lay her down loosely swaddled or completely unswaddled as to wean her off. Yeah, that wasn’t pleasant. She’d sleep for just a few minutes, startle herself, wake up, not fall back to sleep, cry, then be completely swaddled, just to sleep soundly for an hour, then wake herself up because she was able to free her left hand. Finally, by the end of the week I gave up and went back to a full swaddle.

Until today. This morning I vowed to try it all again, this time only doing it once a day (so as to not totally stress myself out – or her) and to leave her left arm free while doing a tight swaddle on her right arm and legs. Do you know what? That girl has been asleep for the last hour and a half. Seriously, she has not even made a peep. What is that?? See, here again proves my theory that she’s playing games with us and that you can never, ever predict a baby. But I can see right through her cute little eyes and sweet little smile and I know, I know what’s going on. She’s going to spend the whole week being a perfect angel, sleeping one arm unswaddled, and then BHAM! she’ll change it all up next week. I’m on to you Julia Mabel….

Alas, we’ll see what happens. I’d really like to get her to a point that she can sleep with out being a burrito, especially as she gets bigger and longer. But part of me is a little sad, because she’s a cutie in that burrito. That’s for sure.

***Random hope/desire/prayer/dream/etc*** Dude, I really think Julia might be a lefty like me! I mean, she goes to town with her left hand like nobodies business. So, here’s to having my daughter take after me in some way (seeing as she looks just like her daddy!).

This is an old picture, but you get the idea of the baby burrito in all its silly cuteness.

7 Responses to "To swaddle or not to swaddle, that is the question"

I love the baby burrito. I could just eat her up!! I’m jonesin’ for a road trip to have some Mexican food.

Love, Mommasita

I have to say, when I was watching her at church on Sunday, I was thinking she looks just like you. Weird.

Seriously? Because usually everyone says “Wow, she looks just like Jonathan. I mean, you know, she has your um… your… fingers.” Or some thing else that they’ve made up on the spot.

I thought I had told you I think she looks like a Leeson and so does Aunt Stac. Except, of course, for the dark hair. But you had dark hair at first.


Julia totally looks like you!! I mean she’s got Jonathan’s darker hair and skin and she’s got his nose, but her mouth/chin area is totally you- I thought that from the first picture I saw of her.

My brother’s little girl liked the burrito wrap until she was almost 18months old – so you never know!

Girl! You are a swaddling QUEEN! I am impressed with your burrito capibilities!! Avery HATES being swaddled! Since she was in the hospital, she will work tirelessly to get out of a swaddle, even blankets! She gets cold though so when I put her to bed, I have to wait until she is good and asleep so I can sneek in her room and cover her back up! BTW..from the pics i’ve seen, I think little Julia is a great mixture of you and your hubby!! 😉

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