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Just when I figure it all out

Posted on: February 14, 2008

Julia changes it up on me. And then changes it up again. What’s with that?

Last week Julia got into this habit of only taking 30 minute naps. Well, truthfully, she was doing that before last week, but last week was a really rough week. In previous times she’d take a 30 minute nap, then sleep really well the next day or something. But not last week. Last week she was a big girl. Also, I should add that she decided that while she didn’t want to nap, she also didn’t want to sleep more than 3 hours a stretch at night. So we were up a lot. And she was cranky. A lot.

This week, well this week is completely different. As of this past weekend we’ve begun letting Julia “cry it out”, since she’s becoming really depended on us to put her to sleep (ex, we have to rock/bounce/swing her until she’s asleep, and if all the planets are aligned just right, maybe, just maybe she won’t wake up when we put her down). We’re probably softies in this area (at least I know I am), and really don’t let her cry alone for that long, especially if the cry is an upset cry and not a tired cry (which, yeah for me, I’ve finally learned what her different cries are… most of the time!). It’s been challenging, but yesterday was a lot better, and she went to sleep fairly fast for her naps, and when the 30 minute mark came, I could quickly get her to fall back asleep.

Anyways, this past Sunday night, I put Julia to bed around 9:15. What to know what time she woke up? 4:15. 7 hours. Yes, 7 hours, that girl slept. Just to be followed the next night by waking up screaming, and then the next night with 7 1/2 hours. Not to mention that she’s been taking at least 2 2-hour naps during the day.

I can’t figure this girl out! I mean, she’s more confusing then me, which Jonathan could tell you is an amazing feat! One day she’ll be happy all day, no complaints, the next day she’ll be crappy all day… hmmm, sounds like her mama. However, I do think that the reason for the newest sleep habit is because she’s hit a growth spurt (at least that’s what Google says). Seeing as last week she stepped up her feedings and now this week it seems all she does is eat and sleep with very little play time.

So, yeah, just when I get use to the constant feeding, the middle of the night waking, she decides she’s sleepy. And when I get use to that, she’s moved on to the next phase. And they say women are fickle. I say, if we’re fickle, it’s only because we learned it from our babies.

3 Responses to "Just when I figure it all out"

Ben changes on a daily basis too. I had him on a “schedule” for two days and thought he would keep on it. But, I should know better. It only lasted two days and now it changes on a daily basis. I guess he is not ready yet.


i was just telling jason this last night about belle. once she “gets” something, i assume that it is for good. however, it is usually a fluke in the system and we are back to square one. if only i could train my brain not to expect something more than once at a time I think I wouldn’t be quite so “taken aback” all the time! 🙂 ~L

Oh gosh! I am totally there with you girl! Avery went through sun downers syndrome. SHe would be so good all day (she only sleeps spurts of 30 minutes during the day too) She SCREAMS from 430-730!! This week H and I re arranged our schedule so we would BOTH be home when this occurs and boom, just like that, Its over. She’s on to another phase. Go figure! ;-0 ~K

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