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Sleep, oh sleep, where art thou?

Posted on: December 18, 2007

I’m not sure anyone can understand the deepest desire of sleep until they have children. Before Julia I really thought the sleep deprivation wouldn’t be a big deal. I pulled all nighters in college. I spent one semester sleeping less than 4 hours a night on average. I know what it feels like to always want to take a nap, always feel a little slow, and always dependent on caffeine.

Then I had Julia and I realized I didn’t have a clue.

With the lack of sleep in college it was by choice. I chose to stay up. I chose to play and then study. But I always napped. Ah, yes, I napped a lot. There was this really great library on campus that was really small and old and hardly anyone ever went there. Anyways, they had these two oversized leather chairs that looked out over the South Mall by the UT Tower. I would go up there nearly every day, kick back in the chair and read for class. Actually, I just slept. And when I didn’t nap there, I would nap on the lawn of the South Mall while again “reading”.

Naps now seem like a gift. Mostly because while everyone says you should nap when the baby naps it’s virtually impossible, that is if you still want to do anything you did before you had a baby, like, I don’t know, shower for one thing. And another thing about naps, babies don’t always want to fall asleep. I just assumed all babies liked sleeping and would sleep as soon as you said “go”. But that’s not really the case. And getting them to sleep is like a performance. You rock, you sway, you pat, you shush, you lay down and you walk out. Now, I know that there’s the idea to let the baby “cry it out”. Frankly, I’m all for that. But since Jules is only 3 1/2 weeks old, I’m not going that route for now. In the future, yes, but now, no.

And along with naps are waking up. There is a HUGE difference between Julia fully napped up and Julia being awoken before she’s ready. Napped up Julia is happy and cooing. Sleepy Julia is cranky and ticked. I don’t blame her, I’m the same way. And if she’s anything like her father (which it’s scary how much she is) then she’s really cranky and ticked. Then when you have people who want to wake her up, that has to be the biggest irritant. Obviously people don’t realize the song and dance it took to get her to sleep and now they want to wake her up. Not because she needs to get up, but because they want to hold her. Hold her car seat. Take a picture of her and hold that. But, please, oh please, for the sake of sleep, don’t wake the baby!

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amen sista! well said. 🙂


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