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Life lessons learned the hard way, aka, The day I had no ankles

Posted on: September 23, 2007

Jonathan and I went to Minnesota this weekend for a conference on being an organic church. We drove up there on Friday and came back super late Saturday.

From the beginning, we informed our other passengers that we’d need to stop quite often, since at this stage I can’t stay in one position too long. The ride up was without problems. We stopped several times and while I felt a little sore when we arrived, for the most part all was good.

Coming back however, not so good. Every thing stared off right. We drove about an hour and a half before stopping at Cabela’s to eat and walk around. Cabela’s is a man’s playground. I’ve never seen so many stuffed animals, camo and guns in the same place. And for dinner, I even ate a bison burger. I must admit, I’m a little ashamed of myself for that, because I really love buffalo and felt kinda bad for eating one.

Anyways, we got back on the road, stopping on one more time before we got home. Apparently, this is where I went wrong. In my head I knew we should have stopped more, but since I didn’t have to go to the bathroom I figured this was no point.

Well, last night when I was getting ready for bed, I realized my feet were really tingly, sorta like when they’ve been asleep and are finally waking up. I look down to see that my feet are swollen to twice their normal size! Holy cow. I made Jonathan take pictures (although, sadly I’m not posting them, because it’s slightly embarrassing) and I couldn’t stop laughing for a good 5 minutes. I propped my legs up for a while and then went to sleep figuring that they’d be back to normal by this morning. It looks like I was wrong. While they aren’t nearly as bad as last night, they are still pretty swollen, and the bad part is they are starting to really hurt. It’s a bit painful to walk around. I’m hoping that resting them today will help with the swelling and pain. We’ll see!

5 Responses to "Life lessons learned the hard way, aka, The day I had no ankles"

Oh man! The only good part about this is pushing your finger in them and laughing that the indent stays there for awhile! I will not call them hobbit feet, even though that is what mine were called. 🙂

Last night Jonathan and I were just laughing at how huge they were! And they do look like hobbit feet!! The swelling is going down more, so hopefully they’ll be back to normal soon!

So you’re bringing pictures to life group right? 🙂

Good morning Sarah,
As a medical expert (because I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express, last night) I can tell you that the swelling is not from the long car ride, nor from the infrequent stops. The extreme swelling is due to eating a buffalo burger while the buffalo, now stuffed, were looking on. The only way to relieve this is to find a buffalo nickel (real, not wooden), and rub only the belly portion of the buffalo for three minutes while chanting “oh my I should have had the chicken sandwich”.

You know David, I did think that it was the buffalo’s revenge for my eating one of their brothers. And the whole time in line, I kept telling Jonathan “I just don’t know, I don’t think I can eat a buffalo. Their endangered aren’t they? Nevertheless, their part of the big Native American thing, and I just know something bad will happen.” And alas, something bad did happen.

Maybe you’re right, I need to pay penance for my wrongs.

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